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Author's Note: This is addressing the topic of reality. I was inspired a tad bit by 'Alice in Wonderland'. Enjoy.

If I squint hard enough I can see animals in the floral pattern on my bedcover. The floral patterns turn into animals of my own design. The garden that was once on my bed is now nothing more than a strange circus of some kind. They dance on my eyelids like the fanciful dreams of children. I can't move or they will disappear, gone forever. I want them back. Everything changes entirely too fast. I close my eyes again and hope they will appear before me again. The damp sweat drips across my brow as I hold bated breath waiting for them to come again. Come. Come. I repeat the word in my head over and over hoping that the strange animals will once again hear my call for them. Come to me. I want them back. But I moved a muscle and they will forever be gone. I squint harder. I wish harder. I breathe harder. The sticky air is getting inside my lungs and making it difficult to breathe. I roll of the bed in a daze and wander into the kitchen. Orange juice. It slides sown my throat like water to a parched field. My skin takes in the nutrients. Refreshed. That's what the bottle said. I ramble round the kitchen looking for the animals that had left me. Left me to the damp air. Left me to the dusty room. I ramble back to my room ready for another round. I squint. I fidget. I'm anxious. Maybe they are on the ceiling. I turn over on my back and squint at the ceiling. The ceiling fan gazes back at me like a grumpy old man. I wasn't invited to stare at him. I turned back over to my original position. I squint again. I wish again. I breathe again. My anxiety subsides and I end the search.

They are never coming. I moved a muscle.



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