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Review: Miles to Go

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Miley Cyrus is the name that everyone knows and has heard of. She stars as Hannah Montana, a singer, and has been in movies.

But did you know she wrote a book?

I didn't but then I found it at the library and snatched it before all the ten and eleven year olds that are taller than me could take it out of my hand. I just finished it.

The book isn't a story, it's an autobiography. But it's a fun one. Miley shares information about everything -- it's like reading her diary. She tells of when she was bullied in sixth grade, her first love, and all about when she auditioned on "Hannah Montana".

I loved this book. I especially love the little notes she puts in the margin -- it really brings out her personality. The voice seems like she is talking to you, instead of you reading it.

"I know I'm still near the beginning of my life. I'm having an incredible journey, and it's going superfast. So I want to plant a mile marker right here -- at this particular bend in the road -- before it starts to fade as I keep moving forward. I hope you can kick back and enjoy the ride* hang out with me for a while. *I know! Cheesy driving metaphor!"

That is what it says on the back of the book.

I'd just like to say, before you start bashing Miley Cyrus for whatever reason, remember she's sixteen, and she's being watched all the time. How would you like it if you had someone watching you all the time? What if you snuck out in the middle of the night to hang out with friends and some dude got a picture of it, posted it on the web and everyone was saying, "Miley was so stupid to do that. Her parents should've taught her better . . ." Was it her parents fault she snuck out? No. She did it.

I'm not saying that Miley makes more mistakes than we do. She has more people watching her so it seems like she is always doing something wrong.

"I say who cares, but of course it's hard not to care. I have feelings. It's painful to see some of those nasty comments on the Internet. I'm not saying everyone has to love me, but some people are so full of anger, hatred, and bitterness," said Miley in her book.

I recommend this book to be read from 10-whatever age. 7,8, and 9 year olds may not understand what she is saying but it all depends. I would also recommend to read it before you start making comments about her without 'knowing' her.


Author's Note: The picture of the book is from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miles_to_Go


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