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True Love

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You were always with me, but I never knew it. You were always by my side, cheering me on and comforting me when I cried. You helped me choose the right choices. You were in the background of my life. I never truly noticed you.

And yet, you waited for me. You gave me plenty of time. But I never acknowledged you; not once.

You continuously gave in your word 'Do not be afraid. I will never forsake you.' But I was afraid. I didn't pay attention. I was wild with fear everyday with all of my situations. I was too busy and thinking about my own matters to even glimpse at your loving eyes.

You constantly knocked on the door of my heart. I never heard it, bombarded with the loud happenings in life. I didn't listen carefully for any signs. I was too distracted. Because of my absence, that knocking eventually ceased, as if a person came to knock at your door but discovered that you weren't home. But it was different from that, because you stayed. You never left me. Nor did you give up. You waited . . . and waited . . . and waited.

How ignorant I've been!

How could I not notice your love that embraces me every day? How could I not notice how amazing you are? Now I discover that I love you back. But it would be impossible to love you nearly as much as you love me. You know every hair on my head and your love is greater than that of the amount of sand on the earth. My heart could never fit something as spectacular as that.

I now notice, too, how many wrongs I have done. It's a terribly enormous amount. Yet, you adore me! And you not only adore me, but you forgave me.

You sacrificed yourself.

You see, when you do a wrong, the price is death. It's severe, but it's true. It's a terrible thing, as much as society today has made it not seem super bad.

The only way to eliminate that, however, is to have someone perfect die, taking the sins with him of past, present, and future. And that person was you . . .

The sins still happened, but there was now a chance for us sinners to go have eternal life in Heaven rather than Hell.

You had a choice. You didn't have to take the guilt and pain of every sin. You didn't have to feel the physical pain of being beat and killed. You could have watched and seen the humans you created die and be in eternal fire, suffering immense pain.

You couldn't do that! You couldn't sit and watch. You are loving, not cruel. You paid it all. And just that proved how perfect and loving you are. And you also proved that you are divine and powerful, raising yourself from the dead after three days and descending back into heaven.

I cannot get enough of your love. You are too spectacular to ignore anymore. You are indescribable.

Your great love is like the sentence above. It is the most indescribable part of you. It is not worthy for such words. But your love is . . . love. True love . . .

Perfect love.

It is the only love we could know. Perfect love is true love. So it is impossible for man to express true love. The only pure thing is you. You are love yourself.

The perfect, True Love.


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