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Kitty and Tree

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One day at the North Beach, there sat a lonely tree. But this tree wasn't a normal tree at all. For this tree had a special power. A curious kitty decided to try and talk to the tree.

After hearing that the tree could talk, the kitty decided to test its powers. After carefully thinking of a question to ask, she thought of the perfect question.

The kitty thought the tree was so amazing that she decided to ask some more questions. Tree and Kitty talked for hours and instantly became good friends. But since they were talking for hours, Kitty became hungry.

Tree was very helpful and Kitty thought the coconut was very delicious. Since Tree was so generous, Kitty thought there had to be a way to thank her, but she couldn't think how.

As Kitty was climbing Tree to get the squirrel to leave, she got stuck! Tree was devastated. With panic in both of them, they had no idea what to do.

Kitty started yelling for help but the only one there was Tree! Thank goodness Tree was very quick-thinking and thought of a solution!

Why was there an eggplant in Tree's branches when she is a Palm Tree?! She is supposed to have coconuts! Wait a minute, why did it bite Kitty?! Find out next time in the comic/minisode, "Kitty and Tree"!

Contest: We need a special Whyvillian to play a part in the next episode! We are not going to say what because it could ruin the whole episode. Y-mail boithang9 to enter!

Author's Note: Special thanks to boithang9 who played Tree and pandemik1 who played Kitty!


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