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Thank You Whyville

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Most of us go on Whyville daily. We check our y-mail, browse through parts at Akbar's, play some salary games, chat with our friends . . . and sometimes I think we take that all for granted.

Whyville is just a website. Just a website where I can dress up some avatar and talk to other people, just like any other site out there, right?


Sometimes I think that we don't realize how much Whyville may actually be doing for us!

I certainly didn't realize that until I was in Science class this year.

At the beginning of the year we started learning about different wave lengths and stuff like that. Most of the class was struggling with grasping the concept of what wave-lengths are. The teacher gave us a worksheet to do and I blasted right through it! At first I couldn't figure out how I knew all of that stuff. Then it hit me.

Whyville. Whyville's Spitzer Spectrum game! Whyville taught me that!

Because of Whyville, I was able to study for my test on that unit without boring myself. Whyville helped me pass that test.

This got me thinking . . . what else has Whyville helped me with in real life? I decided to make a list.

- WhyEat Challenge: Has helped me learn how to maintain a proper balance in my diet.

- Alien Rescue Game: Helped me with my world study in Social Studies.

- Star Factory: We just started a star unit in Science and because of Whyville I understand what happens when stars age better than anyone in my class!

- All the Reef Activities: Although I already knew a lot on the subjects, the reef activities on Whyville and talking to Mark have helped me to learn more about a marine biologist's work, and has helped me to continue my quest to become a Marine Biologist. After learning more about the job, I want to become one more than before!

- BBS: We started a debate unit in English and I surprisingly knew what point to bring up to the opposing team to help my team win! The BBS has taught me wonderful debating skills that helped me throughout this unit.

- The Times: Wow okay so the Times has helped me SO MUCH in my life. It has helped me with my poetry by reading other Whyvillians' work. It has helped me learn different styles that helped me out in English class. The Times has also helped me become a better writer. We do 10 minute writes in English about ANYTHING we want, and most of the class sits there staring blankly at a wall, but not me. The Times has helped me so so so so much with my life! I can't say so enough!

There are also many things on Whyville that I'm sure will help me out in the future such as the Scion Driving School, Botball, and so many others will help me with my life in the future, whether it be Science or just trying to drive myself to school instead of taking the bus.

Whyville, you have done so much for me . . .

I wonder what I can do for YOU!

Thank you to all the Whyvillians, City Workers, sponsors . . . EVERYBODY who has any part what-so-ever with making Whyville great.

You are helping me in life.

Once again . . . Thank you.


Author's Note: Also thanks to lidst5, sporty138, stars54, gliterbox, play2live, and 10000days for being in the screenshot at the end!


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