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Why-Pox Forum

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Why-Pox Forum
Many, many, many citizens discuss the outbreak.

Guest Writer

Question for City Hall!

Is it possible to cure the Why-Pox? Whyvillians have been going around telling the Whyvillians with pox to why-mail them their passwords then they will go on and cure them. If this is not possible you should make an announcement of this in the Times SOON! Thx.

-Linsee (a Whyvillian)


Guest Writer

The vaccination for Small Pox was Cow Pox. I am starting to suspect what the vaccination for Why-Pox is. It is kinda an English thing. SmallPox + CowPox= vaccination, sooo... Why-Pox + What-Pox = vaccination!

I have also noticed that Why-Pox are occurring to people who don't wear jackets. So, to be safe, wear a jacket when in the cold. Oh yeah, if you have Why-Pox don't change your clothes a lot, you will get bad rashes. I hope this vaccination works, because I care about Whyville.

Thank you for your time and support


Guest Writer

Hi Whyvillians, nana here. I feel terribly sorry for those with Why-Pox, so I am starting a hospital. I have 7 beds available and they are all free! Here are the rooms:

  1. not available
  2. Red room: 2 beds, candle
  3. Blueberry blur: 1 bed(pink), rug, shelf, table, chair, potted flower.
  4. Minty fresh: couch, rug, chair, 1 bed
  5. Rainforest rut: chair, couch, rug, shelf, 1 bed, table, plant
  6. Rainbow: 1 bed, table, flowers
  7. ER: 1 bed, flowers

As you can see, we have a wide variety of rooms. You are welcome to visit, but please why-mail me to reserve a bed. Any bed with a dot or star above it has been reserved.


Guest Writer

Hi, I'm BUM64 -- huh, a really weird name, I know. Now, I want to know about these Why-Pox. Really, I mean, how can you get it? Personally, I really don't want to get them. If you have them then you know what I mean -- they're really gross! I want to try to help this problem, but I've never really checked -- does Whyville have a hospital or even a doctors office? Because we really need to do something about it. If we don't, we should get one don't you think?

Well, if you're reading, thanks and if you want to why-mail me that's bum64 -- I know, a really weird name -- so why-mail me. Thanks, that's all I had to say.


Guest Writer

This is no joke about the Why-Pox. Man, I looked around Whyville, interviewed a few people and got responses. Five out of 20 people had it; the five couldn't really talk, all they could say was 'achooo' and 'cough'. I feel so sorry! So if that person is on your why-mail list you'd better watch out because you could get it too. I haven't got it yet, but I am trying to avoid the fact of it. Well, this has been a CDC scientist, trying to find a cure for this disease.


Guest Writer

       BAN THE Y-POX!!!
         LUV: TooKoo


Guest Writer

Achoo! Bless me. Many Whyvillians suffering from this horrid disease will get angry because their chatting privileges are almost taken away... they can hardly tell a story without it being interrupted by the awful disease. And some healthy Whyvillians often find their sneezing irritating!

These so called Why-Pox's are ruling the entire Whyville nation. The Why-Pox's are even making young lovers break up. I had a boyfriend on Whyville and he broke up with me because I "wasn't up to his standards". Yes, they are a very ugly symptoms to have, but the Why-Pox's go away after a while.

Here are a few things to do that might help you avoid getting Why-Pox: don't go near anyone with Why-Pox and do NOT get kissed (try using a dance to prevent this) or whispered an "ACHOO" by anyone. You can vaporize the people that are threatening to sneeze on you.

I wish I had gotten this advice and I could be once again a healthy Whyville citizen. Until our cure, we will be battling this disease together, so don't be a victim, be a helper.


Guest Writer

When you think about it, there are people all over Whyville suffering from Why-Pox and they wish they could cure the disease, but they don't have clams yet. Please, I'm asking please donate clams to the sick and the suffering! They deserve a better life. Please donate, have a heart.

luv always, mana45


Guest Writer

This is my first article so wish me luck!

There is something that is getting on everyone's nerves and I think it is called Why-Pox. Well, I want to know as much as everyone else what we need to know to kill the disease. I have some helpful suggestions:

1. Re-make your face. My friend did it and he lost the Why-Pox the next day.


2.Ask your friends or citizens, they may give you help.

Girls seem to get this disease mor,e so I believe that it is generated through clothes, because you know girls and their clothes (LoL)!

So, be careful and stay safe! This is iCeYgLaRe signing out.


Guest Writer

Here's nebjm, reporting on Why-Pox! As you probably know, Why-Pox are: spotty red rash on the face and persistent sneezing. I decided to find out how it spread. I hung out around people that had the Why-Pox REALLY bad all the time. I even ate a turkey thrown by an infected person! So did my friend jewlgals. We both never got Why-Pox! And all my friends that didn't want Why-Pox stayed away from the people with Why-Pox, and they DID get Why-Pox! Then we stayed away from them for a while and my friend got Why-Pox! I think I'm going to get them too, soon. So I think that you get Why-Pox by staying *away* from people WITH Why-Pox!


Guest Writer

Why-Pox. Many people have it. I think it is important to have a Whyville hospital or pharmacy so if we get Why-Pox we can be cured. We could pay clams to buy medicine. As a Whyvillian, I think we should have an option instead of *having* to have them. This is very important to me and to other people who have Why-Pox.

And lastly, a comment on paying for Why-Passes with clams: I think we should pay money like we are doing, because then Whyville may have enough money to get us a hospital or a pharmacy.


Guest Writer

I would like to say something about the Why-Pox... people are saying that maybe if we don't change our face all that often it will stop the Pox from coming -- some of my friends and I have completely stopped changing our face until the Why-Pox is gone, 'cause we don't need them, just like a normal cold (in real life). You will just have to chill out by not changing your face and not being around other why-people. Even if it doesn't sound fair. it might just stop it from getting worse. So please take a moment and be happy if you don't have them! And just for a couple more weeks, think about not changing your face!


Guest Writer

Hey, all you Whyvillians! This is my first article, so don't laugh! (LoL!)

As all of you know, our little community has come down with the Why-Pox. Sure, they're annoying, but who can blame them. They're just a temporary 5-day disease on Whyville. It doesn't affect your health or give your computer any viruses, but we all have to admit that going around with a red rash on your face and not being able to stop sneezing IS really annoying. Unfortunately, for now, none of us can help it. We can join CDC to find a cure, but that's all I can think of.


KiMmErS & nethrfrk
Guest Writers

Hey. It's KiMmErS and nethrfrk here. We both are here to talk about Why-Pox. People have been going around making others sick on purpose by throwing projectiles at them or being really close to them. Many people told me that you can get cured if you press ***(((help_**)), and they say if you get nothing on your face it'll go away. We don't really believe them, but that's just our opinion. Some people hate Why-Pox and some people like them just to fit in with everyone. People have been going ew, gross, yuck, and all those nasty words because they don't like the Pox.

Oh, also, KiMmErS has an opinion to talk about to you all... I think that Whyville should have a medicine shop for cures. If someone picks the right kind of medicine, they get cured for what they have. You can only have 1 medicine a day, because it wouldn't be fair to others if you kept trying to find the right one. It would only cost 5 clams for each dose. The store would be open from 1:00 to 6:00 Whyville time since nobody has the same time in the world. Well, some don't.

I think this would be fair to everyone. We could also open a hospital because there could be times when you walk or trip on something and you'd get hurt... then everyone can't move and an ambulance car would come in. People still could talk, but not move, and the ambulance would take them to the Why-Hospital. Whyville could hire nurses, doctors, and all kinds of other things.

I think this is really a good idea. If I could run Whyville I would at least try to do this.

One last thing.... When we were sick, we just didn't get on at all and we got cured just like that. We think the Why-Pox lasts a week or less. Well, it's time for us to go now but we'll both see ya'll later on Whyville sometimes!



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