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Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out

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"I am one lucky woman. I am doing something that I like, and I have been blessed with the kind of career success that dreams are made of" - Tyra Banks

Many people believe that Tyra Banks became a successful woman due to her beauty and looks. However, Tyra feels that she became successful because of her hard-work, knowledge on fashion and dedication to her career. In this book, she expresses herself that she's more than a pretty face and was taught by her mother that physical appearance is not everything.

Tyra Banks' first book was published in 1998. During that time I was only five years old and not aware about her book, nor career as a model. As a teen, I became very interested in hard work since back then in the 80's and early 90's not that many dark skin girls were able to be in popular magazines such as Vogue and Elle. The first Black model to be in Vogue (created in 1892) was not until in August 1974, when Beverly Johnson was on the cover.

"Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out" contains tips on skin, make-up, health, hair, fashion and much more. In the make-up section, she has two pictures of herself with and without make-up. While reading the book she provided a lot of pictures from her childhood to her career in the fashion industry. When she graduated from high school, Tyra and her mother traveled to Paris in search of opportunities, which led to her first cover in a magazine known as 20ANS at age 17.

I recommend this book to teens who are fans of Tyra Banks and those who would like to know more about her. While I was reading to the book, I really liked that Tyra Banks responded to her fan mails in her book and gave honest opinions about their questions.

The Cover of her book:

A glance back at Tyra Banks:

Present-day Tyra Banks:

Now she has her own TV series known as "America's Next Top Model", to give opportunities to young women who would like a career in the modelling industry. She also has a talk show. She recently said that she's going to create the "Bankable Studios" so new stars can be born. Overall, I really admire that Tyra Banks cares about her fans and worked really hard. Not to mention, the "Tyra Banks Show" has won several Emmy Awards for the best talk show. Even if it was publish 12 years ago, it was really interesting learning more about her and she provided helpful tips, that are useful.

Smile with your eyes,

Author's Note: The information was from "Tyra's Beauty Inside and Out" which I have and the pictures from are her own website, www.tyra.com. Thanks for reading!


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