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The jocks, the band geeks, the preps, the Goth kids, the skaters, the brainiacs . . . almost every face in school can be put into one of these categories. These groups. These cliques. These stupid little boxes that define a person without a word of dispute.

When you get stamped with a title, when the wonderful world of middle school dubs you with a group, you're expected to conform. You're expected to not step outside of the lines. If they call you prep, then you wouldn't dare set foot near the table of skaters. Play more than two sports, and you're automatically a threat to anyone in chess club.

In retrospect, it's sickening. Absolutely sickening.

Why would someone have the audacity to label you this way? What certifies them to tell you who you are? You might as well be letting someone put a sticker on your forehead if you conform to these absurd cliches.

That's why I don't.

I refuse to be part of a clique. Yes, I play lots of sports, and if people didn't know me better, I'd probably live my life as a jock. But I don't let that happen. Instead, I assert myself as a unique person. I'm not afraid to be different.

Most importantly, I let people see me for all that I am, not just one thing. And I believe with all my heart that because of this, it's impossible to classify me. You can't put me into a box and work me with puppet strings.

I am just me. I'm not a jock, I'm not a geek, I'm not a prep, I'm not a drama junkie.

I define myself.

I am who I am. I am just me.


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