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New Flip Camcorders: Do You Flip?

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Has anyone ever seen these very neat camcorders? They are handy and pocket-size, and they record 1 hour of HD video (if you get the Flip Mino HD or the Flip ULTRA HD). On the Flip Minos you can pick whatever design you want on the front. These camcorders aren't very pricey, and you can edit the video using the FlipShare Software that is built into the camcorder. Now, what makes these camcorders different than all the others?

They FLIP! In the picture above, this is the Flip Ultra Camcorder. As you can see, the USB flips from the side. As you can see in the picture, the Flip Camcorder is very chic and good looking. I would give this camcorder 4.5 out of 5 stars!

If you want to find a flip retailer near you, or just look at all the different kinds of Flip camcorders, look in the Author's Note for the website.

Let's see what my sister IsabeI (isabei) has to say about the flip camcorders:

edenglish: So isabel, how do you like your flip camcorder? IsabeI: I love it, its great. its simple. And its easy to use. edenglish: What makes it so easy to use? isabeI: Theres like only 5 buttons, and theres only one thing to do on it, but its so simple to do. ednglish: And thats record right? isabeI: Yeah, but theres alot of things to film.

Thanks isabeI. Well that's all for today's review!


Author's Note: I got the picture of the flip camcorder from this site: http://flip-black.co.uk/img/flipblack-usb.jpg. If you want to find a flip retailer near you, visit the flip video website: www.flipvideo.com.


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