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Being Successful

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You should know, if you attended the Times Awards Ceremony on Sunday, January 3, 2010 hosted by AMae and Coolethan, (or have read article ID #10960) that 14 people won a Times Award. Well, I was ONE out of those people. I'm not here to brag, but I'm here to tell you how you can be successful, and how my article was nominated.

Being successful doesn't mean it always includes a prize, or anything special. The point of being successful isn't thinking about the prize; a lot of it is rather what you are doing. Your strategy is basically just aiming for the goal, not keeping your eyes on the prize. From what I know, trying to be successful just to get a prize is just going to throw you off. Thinking too much about the award (or rather, how valuable it is) is just going to make you look . . . uh, not that good at what you're doing.

Just because the prize might make your life easier, isn't an excuse. You have to think and concentrate on what the competition is, and not expect anything in the end. For example: I didn't write to the Times because there was an award that I could get! I wrote because I knew deep inside there is a writer. I didn't even think, or was even aware of a prize. When I saw myself nominated for Report of the Year . . . I, honestly, freaked out a little. I didn't think I had a chance!

But when you aren't thinking about the prize, WORK HARD! Working hard and sticking to it is the number one thing I know about being successful. For example, if you want to be a baseball player, don't slack off at being successful at it! Work VERY hard, and your dream might come true! Also, though it means working hard, don't make it the only thing to concentrate on. Make sure you stick to your commitment, whatever it is, and work hard at that too. If it's school work, or even something as small as a chore, don't slack off!

Lastly, I'm going to wrap this up. Don't feel not special, if you don't get an award. Be proud of yourself. You earned it by working hard and achieving your goal! I know I sound like a teacher, but I'm serious. I've seen a lot of kids obsessing over the prize more than working hard and trying to earn it.

One last note:

Your winner for "Report of the Year"


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