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Hello there, everybody! Say, "Hi," to the alien audience, folks. Say, "Hi," to them now!

Anyways, ignoring the aliens and their little vaporizing toys, we're going to get on to our interview. I interviewed seven of our very own Whyvillians for this, and what's the topic?

Their best friend or most favorite person on the site!

But, I did make them think semi-creatively on a few of the questions. So, let's get to know our fellow citizens a little bit, and look at their best friends on the site. I bet you can't guess mine!

Monet1616: Who is your best friend or favorite person on Whyville?

IKnewIt2: My favorite Whyvillian is CatCat17 because she was my first friend on this site, is very funny and always nice.
x3Tacos: I'd probably have to say, hm . . . one of my friends s0ck. Mainly because she's funny and (if she's who she says she is) we have lots in common.
OMGVince: Monet1616. She is SUPER awesome and has OODLES of coolness.
msof57: ooooopppp, because he just the greatest friend you can have on here. He makes me laugh and I just love him to death!
megchic23: My favorite Whyvillian would probably have to be gisher67, aka Cole. He's a pretty awesome guy, funny, sweet, and his energy cheers up everyone.
iBeCookie: Most probably youchh, because he is a life saver. Well, sort of. He can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but he's a great friend. When I got hacked, he called Whyville himself and got my account back. He's so caring and helped me get my account where it is.
natnat10: Umm, a certain Monet1616.

Monet1616: How long have you known this Whyvillian?

IKnewIt2: From May 2009, day 25-30. I don't remember but that is really close.
x3Tacos: About 2 and a half years, give or take.
OMGVince: I'm not sure . . .7 months at the most, maybe.
msof57: A looong time. Probably two or three years now. Maybe not personally, but just from BBSing and chatting I've known who ooooopppp is for a while.
megchic23: Probably about two years.
iBeCookie: 15 years, practically all my life, because I'm 17 now.
natnat10: Since this summer. xD

Monet1616: Is this your best friend on Whyville?

IKnewIt2: Yes, Yes, Yes.
x3Tacos: Well, yes and no. She and I are pretty close . . . but I do have lots of other great friends, too.
OMGVince: Well yeah :P.
msof57: If ooooopppp agrees to it, then yes, I would love to have ooooopppp as my best friend on Whyville.
megchic23: Lol I have multiple best friends on Whyville but he's definitely one of them.
iBeCookie: Nope. Not exactly.
natnat10: Yes.

Monet1616: Have you ever met this person in real life? If not, would you? (And I'm not encouraging you to do so, kiddies!)

IKnewIt2: When I was seven I went to Disney Land with my family and saw her there and she says she thought she did also.
x3Tacos: No . . . I have not. If it was realistically able to happen, then maybe I would want to meet her in real life, but I don't know.
OMGVince: Nope, and probably 'cause she'd probably be doing something awesome and fun.
msof57: No, I haven't met him in real life, but I would LOVE to! We could probably think of all kinds of way to prank call Alfred and take over the world.
megchic23: Yes I probably would because I think we have a lot in common at least on here anyways.
iBeCookie: Yes, I have met him. Many times. For 15 years. Ever since I was 2.
natnat10: I have not met her. I would totally meet her.

Monet1616: Have you ever made contact with this Whyvillian outside of Whyville? (I'm not encouraging this, kiddies!)

IKnewIt2: No contact just some fortunate looking. I'm not one to really talk to strangers at age seven . . .
x3Tacos: Yes.
OMGVince: Nope. Well almost, but failed. LOL!
msof57: Nope. Like I said, I'd LOVE to, but I don't know if ooooopppp would like some crazy 15 year-old emailing him all the time.
megchic23: Nope
iBeCookie: Yeah, in real life, and other websites.
natnat10: Yes . . .

Monet1616: What's your favorite memory with this person? Would you relive it if you could?

IKnewIt2: My favorite memory was when we went to the circus tent for the first time and made names for all of the people jumping. Julie, Fam, Bob, and Harry. Hearts for Harry the strong man! I would probably relive that day.
x3Tacos: There are tons of great memories I've made with Jen, she's super funny. So it'd most likely be one of our favorite conversations. I don't think I'd have to relive it though because we're always thinking of some new random thing to talk about.
OMGVince: Erm . . . OH, her funny videos and her cover of "Bad Romance".
msof57: Probably just being at the Times Awards with him or posting in the BBS. He always brightens my day, so my favorite memory with him are all of them!
megchic23: All our jokes (inside jokes) And the "beautiful" makeover he gave me at style studio I adjusted.
iBeCookie: My favorite memory is when we met. I would relive that moment, I'd make it better.
natnat10: We have so many . . . every time I talk to her, its fun because I laugh so much.

Monet1616: Do you know their real first name?

IKnewIt2: Yes and their middle. Cassdiy. The middle name is for my eyes only. mwahaha . . .
x3Tacos: Yes . . .
OMGVince: Monet'.
msof57: Yes I do, but ooooopppp has told me on several occasions he prefers it to be top secret, so my lips are sealed!
megchic23: Yupp Cole's real name is John.
iBeCookie: Yes, of course. Kyle.
natnat10: Yes. it's Monet'.

Monet1616: Would you marry this person?

IKnewIt2: Umm . . . hard one . . . let me think for a bit . . . NO
x3Tacos: No . . . haha.
OMGVince: Probably not.
msof57: Duh! Totally! I'd probably be the one to propose!
megchic23: LoL, that's a tough question because I don't know him in real life.
iBeCookie: Haha, ROFL. Noo, never. I wouldn't be caught marrying him.
natnat10: No thank you.

Monet1616: What if you had a child with this person? Would there be havoc and chaos, would this be an organized thing, or would you both blame leaving the kid somewhere on a leprechaun?

IKnewIt2: Wow interesting. I'm pretty sure it would not be planned or organized and yes I would blame the leprechaun. Hey, maybe they are trusting and caring parents!
x3Tacos: Considering we wouldn't have one, I'll just go with the fact we'd both blame leaving the kid somewhere on a leprechaun . . . because that's who we are.
OMGVince: LoL. She'd probably be mad since it wasn't Taylor Lautner. JUST KIDDING LOL! I think it'd maybe be an organized thing.
msof57: Hmm, it depends. ooooopppp would obviously be the one to have authority over the kid considering I'd be out all day doing book signing for my next best seller. I definitely know that they'd be devishly handsome though.
megchic23: A bit of chaos but organized. Lol, tough question too, because I have no intentions to have a child with anyone anytime soon.
iBeCookie: Haha, ROFLMAO. I would never have a child with him. I mean, it's -Kyle-, seriously? But if I did, I guess there would be havoc and chaos.
natnat10: We would probably leave the baby outside another person's doorstep . . .

And there you have it. Our Whyvillians are . . . strange? Yes, strange is the word. However, Vince is a liar, so ignore his answer to number five! Haha I'm just kidding (maybe). But there's one thing everybody has in common. Ready to hear who -my- favorite Whyvillian is?

Drumroll please . . . Me! Again, I'm just kidding. My favorite Whyvillians would be most of the BBS population. Here's to you, BBSers!

Gonna go smack a turtle with a fish,


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