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Looking Forward to Whyville 2010

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Hiya Whyvillians! Happy New Year and congratulations to our 2009 Times Award winners. I was happy to be nominated and happy to see the winners. But this is not the topic of today's article! Oh no!

As you know in the December 27th edition of the Whyville Times, CityHall announced some of the upcoming events, projects, previous events and happenings in Whyville. From the Designer's Lair, Shark Migration Game and bringing back the Time's office. I am so excited! I talked to a few citizens about this!

Watermel8: Thanks for your time. What was your favorite event of 2009 in Whyville? Mine was defiantly the Zombie Invasion!

JJonas626: Well, I have to say, it's 2010. Can I cheat, ha. Well I loved the Times Award in the Greek Theater.
Galaxy7: Yea, that zombie invasion was cool. But it would be the summer party. Being that my first experienced year in Whyville that was pretty cool.
WriterRA: My favorite event . . . hmm . . . in events, it would be the "Whyville is 10!" party or something that was like that. But something I really liked was ALL the new friends I made! You know who you are, and you guys rock. And I wish I got to see the Zombie Invasion!
xInhalex: I wasn't here most of the year, having just joined Whyville from a long hiatus, but I'm pretty sure it would have to be Style Studio opening (is that an event?).

Watermel8: What are you most excited for to come in 2010 here on Whyville?

JJonas626: I am excited for the Designers' Lair!
Galaxy7: Probably some changes the CW's already announced on the BBS, changing the BBS a bit, new Newbie Parts, stuff. But probably new chat rooms as well.
WriterRA: I am excited for new changes. I know there will be at least one new change this new year. 2009 has been through a LOT of Whyville changes, like Pearls and the great and enjoyable Scion Driving School.
xInhalex: I'm actually not sure. Nobody knows what this year has in store.

Watermel8: Is there any thing you would like to accomplish on Whyville? Ex: Ymail Helper, Write in Times.

JJonas626: I would like to write a story for the paper.
Galaxy7: I've been submitting articles in, and none of them have been getting in so I'm trying to keep it good and steady for it to get there, and I'm also trying to get a bigger salary and get taped less to be a Y-Mail helper. I also wanna be nicer to newbies, I'm not doing so well.
WriterRA: I am trying to accomplish a LOT. I have wanted to be a Times Writer and a Ymail Helper for a long time. I just need to write better, and earn the 100 clam salary. Mostly what I write is for younger kids, and Whyville doesn't accept it.
xInhalex: I would like to get a Whylitzer, and write in the Times.

Watermel8: Did you enter the contest SCHOOL YOUR MOM this year?

JJonas626: No, I was just becoming a member that the time.
Galaxy7: I would if I had a Youtube Account and had a clue to work Windows Movie Maker.
WriterRA: Yes, actually, I did. It was fun to make. I did not win, but I really don't care. For me, it was for the fun of it.
xInhalex: Sadly, I didn't get a chance to.

Watermel8: Are you excited for the Green Myville? I hear it's going to be beautiful.

JJonas626: Yes! I am VERY excited I love Myville.
Galaxy7: Green Myville? Never heard of that, but it sounds wonderful.
WriterRA: Actually, I've never heard about the Green Myville, but now that you mentioned it, yes.
xInhalex: For sure ~ grass and green is beautiful.

Watermel8: Were you vaccinated this year for the WhyMe Flu? Do you predict more flu to come?

JJonas626: I didn't even get sick and I didn't get vaccinated! Oh and yes of course. Whyville's so hard to guess.
Galaxy7: I got one flu, but I was real sick on the day the other flu vaccine came out. I was so mad when I found out I got sick ON WHYVILLE over the day I was sick . . .
WriterRA: I have been vaccinated for both flu strains. No, I really don't think there WILL be another outbreak, but hey, you could never know!
xInhalex: Mhm, and yes, I do predict more.

Watermel8: Are you excited to play the Shark Migration game? What are you hoping to gain from the new game.

JJonas626: I actually really need to earn some clams so this is something good for me!
Galaxy7: Shark migration? I'm missing too much. That sounds cool, I do wonder what I would learn though . . .
WriterRA: Shark Migration game! I hope it's really fun!
xInhalex: There's a Shark Migration game? Oooooh.

Sounds like we have some hopeful, funny, and friendly Whyvillians who look forward to 2010. Seems like nobody knew about Shark Migration! I guess I have a little to much time to read it all, haha!

Enjoy your year, Whyville experience and I'll see you later!

Author's Note: I have to thank all of my participants. It really helped me out with your clever answers! Happy New Year.


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