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Out of Time to Travel: Part 1

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Author's Note: Preview: A group of seventh graders travel to the future for what they think is testing out a time machine that was created by the two most famous scientists in the world. Little do they know that it'll be up to them to save the human race. Along the way, old friendships are broken and new, unlikely friendships are formed.

Waking up that morning everything seemed normal, not at all like a day that would change my life forever. I guess I should start from the beginning.

Beep! Beep! Beep! I rolled over and shut off my alarm clock. I yawned as I stretched out and patted my dog, Buddy, who was sleeping at my feet. It seemed like a regular day as I pulled up the blind of my window and looked outside. In fact, the day seemed better than usual. The sun was shining without a single cloud in the beautiful blue sky to block it. As I opened the window, I heard birds singing. I thought it was a picture perfect day. I slid into my pink tank top and my favorite jean shorts. I walked downstairs with Buddy tailing me and called, "Mom! Dad! I'm up!" But as I walked over to my kitchen table I saw a quickly scribbled note lying on my kitchen table. Due to the lack of my parents, I knew instantly who wrote the note.

Dear Julia,

Sorry I'm not there but I think that Dad and I are close to having a breakthrough with the time machine. I know that we are really close to it this time. I no know we've said that often, but this time I mean it! There's cereal in the kitchen cabinet for when you get hungry. I don't want you to miss the school bus, so hurry up and eat. It's fairly cold outside so I'd rather you don't have to walk. Dad and I are going to go back to work now. Have a nice day at school.

Lots of love,

I sighed as I read the note. "I don't know why she doesn't just make a pre-written version so she doesn't have to scribble down almost the same note every time," I complained to the note. Then I put on a mocking voice of my mom and said, "Oh, Julia, I think I've got it this time. Oh, Julia, I can't be there today because I've got science junk to do." Both of my parents were famous scientists. It was nothing new when I got a note saying they were close to a breakthrough and I was never shocked when Mom came home looking upset. Absorbed in my thoughts, I tripped over Buddy as I was walking to the cabinet. "Sorry, Buddy," I apologized to my dog. I rubbed my sore elbow that I hit when I fell.

I walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a box of cereal. I poured it in a bowl then added milk. I ate it in silence as I read the newspaper. There was a column about Mom and Dad. I skimmed it to see if it was anything interesting, but no, it was just the usual Amelia and Gregory James working on a time machine, blah, blah, blah. I crumpled up the article and tossed it in the garbage.

After I finished my cereal, I gave Buddy a bowl of food. While he ate I went and found my two cats, Snowy and Sunny. I smiled as they meowed at me. I asked them, "You two are hungry, aren't you?" They meowed as if they were answering my question, so I gave them their food. I patted Snowy and said, "Bye, Snow, see you later!"

I walked back to the kitchen to Buddy and saw him whimpering by the door. I grabbed his leash and harness and got him ready to leave. I grabbed some plastic bags as I left, just in case. I walked Buddy around the block and praised him as we walked inside for being such a good dog and going to the bathroom outside. "Bye, Bud! I'll see you--" I stopped speaking abruptly as I saw the clock. It read 7:25 AM. The bus came at 7:20. I sighed as I took out my cell phone, flipped it open sideways, and texted my best friend, Sierra.

Me: Hi.
Sierra: Hey Julia! Missed the bus?
Me: U know me 2 well. Yeah, I did. I had to walk Buddy. My mom expects me to take care of three animals in like five minutes! It's impossible! Well, anyway, your mom's giving you a ride, right?
Sierra: How did U know my mom was giving me a ride?
Me: U R never on the bus, your mom always drives U.
Sierra: True. She told me the other day that whenever you needed a ride, U should just call me. I'll tell her now. We'll be at your house in like 5 minutes. I'll call U if she says she can't pick U up, but I doubt that will happen. See ya soon.
Me: Thanks, Sierra! Bye!

And sure enough, five minutes later, I heard a honk outside my house. I walked out the door and slid next to Sierra in her car. "Hi, Mrs. S! Hey Sierra! Thanks for giving me a ride today. Sorry that it's so last minute," I apologized.

Sierra's mother smiled at me and waved a hand. "It's no problem, Julia."

Sierra and I talked, gossiped and laughed as we drove to the middle school. When we arrived, I opened the door and said, "Thanks again! Bye!"

Sierra followed me out after kissing her mother on the cheek and saying, "Bye, Mom! See you later!"

And we ran over to our friend Jamie and walked into the school. Little did we know that later that day, it would all change.


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