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Dear Anonymous

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Dear Anonymous,

Wow. I love you. I never knew I could. It's a slight obsession but I don't care. How do I know I'm really in love? When I see your name my heart flutters. When I talk to you I feel anxious. They all say I'm stupid and pathetic for loving you. In class when I finish my work instead of doing things I love like reading or writing in my journal, I fantasize about you. I know all my dreams will never come true. And wishing you were mine is just one wish wasted.

They say it's impossible for me to love you but I do. When the hope comes and lives for maybe a day it dies for a while until I have the courage to speak to you again. I haven't had that courage for a while. In fact I've only had that courage three or four times. I confide in my friends that don't know you, and few friends that do. By estimation I'd say only five people who know you know I like you.

I know it's pathetic. Falling in love over the Internet. It's not looks I promise. You're the only guy who talks to me. The only one who's nice to me. I have a feeling you don't like me the way I like you . . . but everyone says it's obvious you do. I feel as if I should confide in myself. And only myself. Everyone makes fun of me for it. I just shake it off. I write this letter so you know that I feel this way about you. Even though you have no idea who you are. My obsession just won't die. It's bugging me lately. All I can think of half the time is you.

The other day in school I thought about writing this letter. I cried thinking of you. I cried thinking about you finding out who you are. I know you like other people. That I'm sure of. But when I narrow it down I always feel I should be the one you fall for. So now I'm letting all my secrets slide. You'll never know.

When I think of you I forget the slightest things because you're the only thing that's on my mind. I forget what's for lunch and if I have to pack home lunch the next day. But if I do remember that I forget to pack my lunch. On that note I should start making my salad but I can let it go for now. I'm too busy talking to you. I keep typing and crying because it's all for you.

In a way I want you to know it's all for you. But on the other hand I'll get teased for loving you. In estimation I'd say the odds you'd fall for me are 1 in 6,000. I try to confide in my friends. Usually it does nothing or makes it worse. I should talk to you myself but as I've said I don't have the courage. I'm sure I used all my courage up on you. If only you kept steadily replying to my messages instead of ignoring them. Just so you know, I love you, a lot. And I always will. My obsession is burning me down. But it's not leaving.

Love promised,
Live a.k.a girldas


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