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Hello citizens!

City Hall would like me to remind you that there are only 10 days to go till Whyville's Birthday Why-Pass Sale is over. When March, Whyville's birthday month is over, the sale will be over. Instead of 3 months at \$3 each, the price will be back to normal at \$4.95 a month. So, if you haven't yet taken advantage of this special occasion, it's time to consider it very seriously...

And with a Why-Pass in your hands, you'll have no trouble visiting the second Geodig Safari excavation site, which has now been unveiled. Have you found the first one? Did you find some interesting rocks? Well, if you have, you must be raring to go to the next site. This new site is in a country that's famous for its production of gems and minerals, not to mention its tropical forests, carnivals, and love of soccer. If you still haven't signed up for the safari yet, I personally do not know what you are waiting for.

This Saturday only, City Workers will be filming on location at the Geodig Safari sites. They will be gathering live Whyville footage to take to a conference with them. You want to be part of the Whyville Show, don't you?

Well then, don't miss out! Sign-ups for the Geodig Safari are at Tiki Tours (where else?), and your guide is D. McShale, Whyville's resident rockhound. You'll want to check out McShale's article in last week's issue of the Times.

Keeping you up with the Times,
The Editor



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