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To Wear or Not to Wear: It's Raining Rainbows

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Hey Whyville, welcome to another article to add to my series, "To Wear or Not to Wear". Sorry for the inconvenience, but I decided to skip writing an article last week due to a case of mad writer's block, technical difficulties, and a busy schedule. If I would've written an article, it would've been a poorly written excuse for an article, and a waste of your, the wonderful readers of the Whyville Times, time.

As you will see, I have given "To Wear or Not to Wear" a little makeover, based on a y-mail I received from the lovely Times writer herself, Cohenlm. I hope you'll like my makeover; please comment on it in the BBS, or y-mail me with your thoughts.

This week, I've found some absolutely fantastic face parts that have one thing in common . . . they're rainbow themed! I decided to put to fun, cute, and different (in a good way) parts into this article like always, except this week I decided to show you some items that are actually available, in real-life for you to purchase, so enjoy!

Light Rainbow Tanks/Tees

For Real-Life:

Name: Buffy Tank (in Sunburnt Yellow)
Where You Can Find It: Delia's stores
Price: $24.50

For Whyville:

Name: Rainbow Paint Scribbles Shirt
Designer: Cocoalvr
Price: 40 Clams
What I Say: Color is always a must, and with this tank top you to stay cool and casual, while amping up your style with a bright, eye-popping color.

Colorful Beads

For Real-Life:

Name: AE Multicolor Multichain Necklace
Where You Can Find It: American Eagle Outfitters
Price: $19.50

For Whyville:

Name: hippie beads
Price: 35 Clams
What I Say: You could add this to any plain shirt or dress for a completely different vibe. With this necklace, the possibilities are endless

Beaded Bracelet

For Real-Life:

Name: Juicy Couture 'Wish' Beaded Bracelet
Where You Can Find It: Nordstrom Stores
Price: $42.00

For Whyville:


Name: it's the beaded rainbowww
Designer: Shyba
Price: 30 clams
What I Say: This bracelet is a fun addition to a simple outfit, like a bright t-shirt (I have some suggestions for that) and jeans. I can guarantee that you'll start a trend among your friends.

Dark Rainbow Screen Tees

For Real-Life:

Name: Self Esteem Screen Tee
Where You Can Find It: JCPenney stores

For Whyville:

Name: The Rainbow
Price: 40 clams
What I Say: This look is so trendy! I've seen a lot of people wearing these practically everywhere. With a bright tee, there is need for little to no accessories, so for a simple yet edgy look, go for the dark rainbow screen tees!

Now for our mannequins, Katarina and Naomi . . .

Here's what Katarina's wearing:

Hair: Rainbow Attack by Over30 - 100 clams
Shirt: somewhere over the rainbow by babygrace - 35 clams
Eyes: blue dreams by snugabug - 15 clams
Nose: Decongestant by amyblair - 3 clams
Lips: Top Model Violet by Naratron - 20 clams

And for Naomi's killer rainbow look . . .

Hair: Rainbow Randomized Hair by YargPixie - 43 clams
Shirt: Somewhere Over Da Rainbow kassy by CuLLsKi - 124 clams
Bow: rainbow bow by sugar308 - 50 clams
Eyes: SHOCKER by snugabug - 20 clams
Nose: Decongestant by amyblair - 3 clams
Lips: To Model Peach Prestige by Naratron - 20 clams

This has been another edition of "To Wear or Not to Wear". Make sure to check back next week for my next article. Until then, adios Whyvillians!



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