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We All Have Those Days

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We all have those bad days. For some of us, we get bad days all the time. For others, it's only a rare occasion that everything seems to go wrong.

I'm one of those people where it's on a rare occasion. I had one of those days yesterday.

I woke up, took the bus to school, went through to all my classes, got to see my friends, etc . . . and it was a great day. Everything went awesometastically. I got on the bus to go home, and it was still great! Even if I was stalked by some random who calls himself Brian Applesauce . . .


I got home (finally) and as I came around the last corner before my house, I stopped in my tracks. There before me was a lake. Not a puddle, a lake. My neighbors' yard flooded from all the rain and melting snow. And it all flooded right onto the road. There was no way around it; I had to walk right through it. "I have boots on, I'll be fine. It's probably only ankle deep water . . ." I thought to myself. Boy was I wrong! The farther I walked, the deeper the water got. It was up to my knees!! I finally got to the other side of that stupid puddle lake thing and into my driveway. Mom's car was gone.

"Oh well she's probably just at work. I'll just use my house key . . ." I said out loud for some strange reason . . .

So I searched through my school bag frantically. (It was freezing cold out, I live in BC Canada, it's wintertime . . . I was soaking wet . . .) No key. MY sister had my house key! And she was at her friend's house for the day. I sat down on the doorstep and tried to call my mom from my cellphone.

"I'm sorry but you don't have enough money in your account to go through with your call . . ." the robotic voice on my cellphone said back to me. Great, just great. I was out of minutes. Luckily, my scary cat lady neighbor was home. So I walked up there and knocked on her door.

"Hi Kelsey, what do you want?" my annoying neighbor screeched.

"Um hi, can I have the key to my house please . . .?" I said politely. (For some reason, this lady has a key to my house . . . God knows how the heck she got it!)

"Holy cats! You're soaking wet! Why are you so wet?? What's the matter with you? Fine I'll let you into your house *grumble grumble grumble*" my neighbor replied.

So I got into my house and locked the door behind me. Once inside, I changed out of my soaking wet clothes and into some nice dry pj's. I felt kinda lonely at home all alone, so I decided to turn my blender into a person. I got a wig, a hat, googley eyes, and some construction paper and turned the blender into my evil little friend. Unfortunately, the blender turned itself on and the wig got sucked in and destroyed. Poor wig.

After that, I decided I was hungry. I went into the kitchen and attempted to make myself some toast. A lot of luck I had with that! The toaster electrocuted me (not badly though, just a little zap) when I was plugging it in because my hands were wet, then my toast got stuck inside so I stuck my fingers in to try grab it, and the toaster burnt me. I got some ice from the freezer and iced my burn blister.

I was still hungry so I tried to make myself a wrap. I was grating the cheese for the wrap when my hand slipped and I grated my skin off instead of the cheese. That hurt. A lot.

I was still holding the cheese grater when there was a knock at my door . . . I walked over to the door and looked out. There was some guy standing there with a really long ponytail and he was glaring at me.

"Open the door!" the creepy guy yelled at me while jiggling the doorknob . . .

I screamed. I threw the cheese grater at the window on the door, dead bolted the door, then ran and hid in my sister's bedroom.

"You get back here and open the door!" I could hear the guy yelling, and he was still trying the doorknob.

"Get away from my house ya crazy or I'm getting the gun!" I screamed back, hoping that would scare the dude away from my house.

It worked. The guy bolted. I walked back to the door and looked out. There was a package on the doorsteps. It was the delivery guy. We weren't expecting him and he isn't supposed to come into the house, he's just supposed to leave the stuff on the doorstep . . . but this dude was actually trying to get in.

I finally calmed down. It was already dinner time. My family still wasn't home, and well to be honest, I was hungry, and I can't cook. I found some granola bars in the cupboard and ate those. Finally my family came home. Of course they ate their food! They all got takeout!

"Did you eat dinner Kelsey?" asked my mom.

"No, there was nothing to eat!" I replied.

My mom was mad that I didn't cook myself some food, so I wasn't allowed any cake. No cake! That was the worst part of my day.

So yes, I guess the point of this article is: even if you have a bad day, try to just laugh it off. I guarantee that in the end, you will have a great story to tell. And remember . . . always lock your door, and don't forget to keep a cheese grater with you at all times.


Author's Note: The purpose of this article was for you all to have a nice good laugh at my misfortune. So please don't say it was pointless.


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