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It was all a blur. But it was one moment I would never forget.

My best friend Aurora was having her fourteenth birthday two weeks ago. I was one of the few who would get to stay after nine to sleep over and share laughs that were bound to happen. The party was a dance party. We were all having a blast. Everyone was munching on pizza, drinking soda, staring in awe at the amazing cake Aurora's mom had made, and mingling.

And then they brought out the karaoke. Aurora and most of the guests, who were in choir, were amazing singers. Only a few people, including Jessica, Michelle, Chloe, and myself didn't think we could sing. That was why, Michelle joked, we weren't in the choir. We were in the French class, yearbook, band, or aid. Then I heard it. A song I sometimes sang when I was alone came on, and I began to hit those high notes to myself. Chloe stared at me in amazement. "You're great!!" she said. I quit singing, embarrassed. I couldn't sing. But then those lyrics popped back up on screen, and once again I was tempted.

So I hummed.

Finally, after they caught me off guard, Jessica and Michelle both heard me and were in awe. "Wow! You are really good. Get up there." Jessica said. I shook my head. No way was I going to make a fool of myself in front of all my friends. But then Michelle, being the lovable loud mouth she is, blurted out, "Lindsey can sing!! Aurora!! Aurora! Lindsey is great! Come on, sing!" Aurora turned to me and held out the mic.

With a shaking hand, I reached out and took it. I rose from her couch and belted out the songs, receiving a high score.

When I was done, I handed back the microphone and sat back down, sipping my water, my cheeks flushed red. Aurora was walking back up to the rest of the group when she whispered, "Way to shimmer, Lindsey." I looked at her with confusion written all over my face, but I guessed it could wait.

When all the other girls had gone home and it was just Jacqui, Kylie, Ashley, Aurora, and me, I pulled the birthday girl aside.

"What did you mean? Shimmer? I'm so confused!" Aurora just looked at me and smiled. "Lindsey, I love you like a sister. You know that. And I love to see my sisters shine. Only, everyone is told to 'shine'. Why can't you be different? Instead of shining like all those other people out there, you shimmer, Lindsey. Your voice is a gift; a good one too, one that deserves to be recognized. Only you won't be if you shine. So shimmer Lindsey. Shimmer everyday." And with that, she went to her bed, pulled back the blanket, and was asleep within minutes.

Aurora is the best friend I have ever had, and so I knew that what she said was genuine.

Now, I shimmer whenever I get the chance.

Keep on shimmering,


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