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Guest Writer

Polls and money don't mix!

Hey, have you checked out the latest poll results? Most of them say something like this: "Sign my petition, get big \$$\$$ no joke!"

This is something to think about. Do Whyville citizens really look at what they are signing, or are they just trying to get a few more clams in their pockets? I think this way of getting people to sign your petition is wrong. I think it is a shame how Whyvillians choose to abuse the polls. The great creators of Whyville gave us the polls to help Whyville; they're not to be used as a popularity contest.

Discourage Whyville citizens from using cash as their "lure" by not signing ANYTHING that is a bribe!!! I will be putting out a petition to stop these "cash polls" soon, so look out for it!

Signing off, Jadechik


Times Writer

Hey everyone! Sprinkle1 here! When you go into the Waiting room what do you see or think? Do you ever see this...

    Redeem Your Certificate! If someone has already given you a Why-Pass Gift Certificate, you can enter the certificate code in the boxes below to activate your Why-Pass:

    Enter Certificate Code: - - -

And do you ever get curious and put in an imposter code just to see WHAT happens? I have and Guess what I saw when I did that...
    Message: Sorry, no such certificate exists
Is that what you saw? Yup, that's what I figured! So what do you say we just quit pranking ourselves and give up. Really, there is no point in faking a code... wouldn't you agree!?


Guest Writer

Hello, this is DemDem from Whyville (I love Whyville!). Well, I just wanted to know if maybe Whyville could put up ads for companies to get more money, like you could put small ads over top of the bus under the box that shows your house or somewhere. You could have a window that pops up when you come online that has a thing where companies sell their stuff and then you can buy stuff online for those companies and they have to pay to have those windows. You could have games that you have to pay to play and you could have things where you pay real money to get clams. Well, I just wanted to help because I love Whyville and I haven't been able to get on lately unless I go on at 7:00am my time (and yes, I have gone on at 7:00am). I just want to help!

I hope you read my article,


P.S. I hope those suggestions helped. I'm going to try to think of some more things that Whyville and my fellow citizens can do for money.


Guest Writer

Hi Whyvillians! This is angel486 here. I would like to bring up the experience of writing for the Times. How do you write an article you might ask? Well, that's why I am writing this for you all.

If you are reading this you know how to get the newspaper. Basically, when you are in the waiting room you read this, right? Well, if you are like me and have read ALL of the Times, you are pretty bored... so I suggest you can write for the Times! Here is how: first you get to the front page of the Times. On the blue bar to the left there will be options. Look on the bottom and chose "Submit Articles". Then you write your article and mail it in! Not that hard.

Don't think you'll get published anytime soon. It could be months! The editors have to read all the articles submitted, find the best ones, then double check them. then actually put them in! So it is a long process.

Keep your eye out for your friends' articles, and YOURS!

Thanx 4 reading,

p.s. Write to me with any comments!


Guest Writer

Hi it's allstar05 here again and I want to report something on our health.

As you know, it's still winter and if you look at Whyville's Weather Report it is FREEZING COLD!!!!

I suggest that you don't wear those t-shirts and tank tops, because it can get pretty ugly. Try wearing a JACKET and TOQUE for sure... to prevent frost bites wear a scarf.... You don't have to listen to me, but I just don't want anyone to be sick....

Caring For You and For Others,



What're they sayin?

Hey, Whyville, this is Kevz here, telling you 'bout the things peeps say like "brb". Look below to see what some of them mean:

BRB: be right back
LOL: laugh out loud
NVM: never mind
A/S/L: age sex location

And there ya have it, that'a what they're sayin. And this is reporter in training Kevz. Bi!!!


Guest Writer

I'm Calvinio, the advisor to the princess of Baraquae, a Country not so far from Whyville, and right now I'm here on a mission to find our dear sweet princess.

I'm known in Whyville as Calvin129. I'm in search for the princess who has run away!! We really need your help!! Here are the clues we have collected so far:

  • She is known as RegnDan in Whyville
  • She has blonde hair
  • her eyes are very amazingly beautiful

These are all the clues I have so far...

Why-mail me if you have any other clues or leads to where she may be headed next.

For now I bid you farewell,
Calvinio (Calvin129)



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