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Whyville's Vaccination Celebration 2010

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Whyville held its Vaccination Celebration on Thursday, January 14th at Sportplatz. Sportplatz was decked out in party attire and was prepped for the arrival of a flu expert from the CDC. Those who attended the party were able to play Simon Says, chat with friends, vote for others in a beauty contest, watch videos in the theater, get vaccinated for the Whyville flus, and even listen to music! However, the main attraction started at 4pm Whytime.

In the room that contained the party stage, many Whyvillians started to gather as time began to countdown to the arrival of the speaker from the CDC. Whyville citizens were about to get a chance to speak with a flu expert from the CDC and to ask any questions they had about the recent flu strains going around. While people were hanging out and chatting, Janine from the CDC appeared and made her way to the stage. She introduced herself and the question and answer session began. There were a ton of questions right from the start. The room filled with chat bubbles and the CDC expert began answering them as quick as she could. She managed to answer a great deal of them. The questions ranged from "What is h1n1?" to "Do you watch 'America Idol'?" Janine was a good sport and even answered the off-topic questions.

Aside from the guest CDC speaker, there was a video theater that was playing videos from the CDC video contest recently held in Whyville. This gave Whyvillians a chance to flex their creative muscle and show off their talents as film makers. Fellow Whyvillians were able to vote for their favorite video and learn how to prevent the spread of the Why Flu and the WhyMe Flu in Whyville. If you haven't voted for your favorite video yet, be sure to check them out on the home page after logging in; but hurry, the video poll will be taken down on January 19th!

This year's Vaccination Celebration was a huge hit! It proved to be not only informative but also fun. We definitely have another healthy and happy year in store for Whyville.


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