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The Many Faces of Whyville

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As I enter the Sun Roof, I can't help but notice the colorful arrangement of different Whyvillians. There are always bright colored hairs, color coordinated outfits and just simple everyday looks. This is just another reason why Whyville is an amazing web site to be a part of!

Whyville enables us to express ourselves and learn through others. One way to show ourselves is through our avatars. It's the complete mini version of what you're about. You may have changed something about yourself you don't like in real life, and switched your hair or eye color to one you've always wanted.

It also allows those with creativity and artistic capabilities to come out and use their talents. Since it's such a wonderful thing to see all the different kinds of avatars out there, I bring to you . . . "The Many Faces of Whyville"!

Meet Stars54.

I met him at the Beach South. He agreed to talk about his inspiration, theme, or story behind his look.

Watermel8: I really like your hair! Is there a reason why you chose that hair over others?
Stars54: Why Yes! I absolutely LOVE Lady Gaga and she has very beautiful straight bangs, so in honor of her, I tried to do a rectal straight bang.
Watermel8: I see you're holding a camera! Are you a fan of photography in real life? Or have you always wanted a camera?
Stars54: Well actually Lady Gaga has a hit song named "Paparazzi", so I got a camera to honor that song and show my love for her, and yes, I do own a camera.
Watermel8: Would you say your Whyvillian avatar matches your real look?
Stars54: Yes, I have bangs in real life . . . and I love Lady Gaga . . . LOVE! Like literally, I am her biggest fan on Whyville.
Watermel8: Do you usually change your look often?
Stars54: Very often. I change 2-4 hours.
Watermel8: Would you consider yourself stylish?
Stars54: Very!! I like Hollister, Aerpostale, American Eagle and Nike Shoes.

Another fabulous Whyvillian I got to meet is xxLovely1.

We chatted about her style.

Watermel8: I love your look! What is your inspiration?
xxLovely1: Punk rock meet glamorous.
Watermel8: Do you normally dress like that in the real world?
xxLovely1: No, I am more of a girly-girl.
Watermel8: Who are some of your favorite Akbar designers?
xxLovely1: I enjoy wearing Peachadee, Ducky464 and Starving. I also like the hair Camilla.
Watermel8: On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate yourself?
xxLovely1: A 10!

So now we met two Whyvillians who shared with us their reasoning behind their looks . . . but according to the side bar there are 599,269 Whyvillians! Can you imagine the faces? The styles?


Author's Note: I would like to thank my interview participants, screen shot models and Sqeakers1 (a.k.a Lindsey) for her friendship and support through all of my articles. You're truly and colorful person.


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