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Out of Time to Travel: Part 2

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Author's Note: In this part, I changed the format so it is now from different perspectives. I hope you like it this way!


The three of us walked together for awhile until we reached three lockers that really stood out from the rest. They belonged to Julia, Jamie and me. Each was covered in wrapping paper of our favorite colors: Julia's was pink, Jamie's was purple, and mine was blue. Our names were written out vertically in big foam letters.

We walked up to the lockers and opened them in sync. Once opened, you would see they were filled with pictures of the three of us: Julia, looking like a model with her long hair and long legs; Jamie, beautiful and a little short; and of course there was me. I'm not going to brag about myself so I'll just tell you that I have reddish-brown hair that's a little more than shoulder length and I'm pretty tall.

Jamie, Julia and I grabbed our books out of our colorful lockers laughing at something Jamie said, her being the funniest of the threesome. We laughed through the hallways until Julia and Jamie walked into their advanced math class with Mr. Jamison and I sulked into my science class with Ms. Kelly.

I was stuck in the class with the twins Alexandra and Allison, who Jamie, Julia and I call "A+A", who are the two most "popular" girls in school. They think they're amazing because they're rich and beautiful. And, just my luck, their wannabes are in the class, too. My friends and I call them "The Robots." They all have dyed-blonde, shoulder-length, straight hair. They all wear too much makeup and matching outfits. Usually each girl wears a different color. Of course the colors have to coordinate with Alex's and Ally's. They all hate me because I'm friends with Julia who refused to become a Robot. As I sat in my seat and saw them strut through the door I thought, 'Let the annoyance begin.' I braced myself for the torture to come.

"Hey, geek, how are you?" Ally teased me. Alex smirked as the Robots giggled in sync.

"I'm great, Ally, thanks for asking. Good to see you, Alex. Robots," I retorted ironically. Allison rolled her blue eyes.

Before they could respond, Jake, a.k.a. the cutest guy in school, entered the classroom talking to his friend, Nick. "Hi Jake," Ally and Alex chorused, twirling their perfectly wavy, strawberry-blonde hair.

"Uh, hi, Allison. Hi Alexandra," Jake responded as he walked to his seat next to me. I silently thanked Ms. Kelly for putting his seat next to me. "Hey, Sierra," he smiled, turning to me.

"Hey, Jake. What's up?"

Before he could respond, Ms. Kelly walked in front of the class and said, "Okay class, settle down. Everyone take your seats please. Take out your notebooks and start copying the notes on the SmartBoard while I take attendance. No talking."

Jake flipped his blonde hair out of his deep blue eyes and started writing about acids and bases. I watched him for a moment before scribbling notes into my notebook.


Julia and I walked into our classroom and found seats next to each other. "I wonder how Si is. I know how she hates her class. I don't know how she can stand being in a class without her two best friends and dealing with A+A and The Robots alone."

"Jay, your forgetting who she sits next to. Jake," Julia told me.

I laughed, "Oh yeah . . . I forgot!"

Mr. Jamison walked into the room and the class fell silent instantly. "Hello, class," he said.

"Hello, Mr. Jamison," the class chorused.

A few minutes after we had begun to review inequalities, there was an announcement on the loudspeaker. "May I please have your attention," the voice began. "Let me begin by saying that Amelia and Gregory James, the parents of our own Julia James, have succeeded at inventing a time machine! This is a very amazing accomplishment. There will be a raffle during lunch today for anyone who would like to volunteer to try the time machine. This is still VERY experimental, so you must realize the risk involved. A few people will be selected, and whoever is will have to have a note signed by their guardians before they go off. It is an honor that our school was chosen to do this. There is one person who will definitely be one of the volunteers without the raffle: Julia James of course. Julia, your parents say you can pick two friends to go with you. The people who win the raffle will be revealed at the end of the day. Good luck everyone. Have a nice day."

Julia looked at me. Mr. Jamison had already went back to teaching, so she mouthed her words to me. I guess they really did it this time. 'We're going in a time machine.' I knew that "we're" meant Julia, Sierra, and me.

I mouthed back, 'Yeah, cool.' I thought about going to the future for the rest of class.


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