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The Domino Effect

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There is something I have hidden from you for a very long time. A truth you must know, but you somehow don't get. You don't get how much pain you have caused me, the pain you caused from bullying me.

You will never realize how much you hurt me, the scars you gave me but you cannot see. You don't know the memories I have of you, of the bullying. These haunting memories. Memories of the rumors and lies you spread, of the exclusion, of the pain. These are things I will never forget. I will always remember your torment.

You will one day forget all about me, of what you did to me, but I will always be haunted by these memories. Did you ever think about how this would affect me? You were my friend; they were all my friends, but not anymore. How can I trust you again, how can I trust any of them again, after what you all did to me? They believed your lies, you turned every last one of my friends against me. I was alone, with no one to sit with at lunch, no one to be my partner in group work, no one to sit with in class, no one to talk to, and no one to be my friend. I would come home crying, and cry myself to sleep each night. This is because you bullied me.

You started this domino effect, with each hurtful word, each lie, leading to another. Each lie you spread about me leaves a scar, one that will never go away. The dominoes keep falling, when will you stop?

You say I am your friend, but am I really. How are you a friend? How are you a friend if this is how you treat me? You may not be starting rumors or spreading lies about me anymore, but bullying is not "just the mean things you do, it's all the nice things you never do." Why am I still left out, not invited to sleepovers, not invited to the movies, to be in your group in a school project, or to hang out like before? I have to force a smile and a hello to you every time I am at school, because you and the others are really the only people I can go to. So I have to pretend that we are all friends. When I talk to you, or any of them, I can still feel the pain of what you all did to me. How are you a friend if I can't trust you? You didn't see my pain then, so why would you see my pain now?

What makes me the more upset then what you put me through, is the fact that people tell me to forget about the bullying and move on. How can I forget? You left these scars, scars that hurt more than any broken bone could, scars that last forever. The scars increase the more I am excluded, and the dominoes continue to fall.


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