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Only Human

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Only Human

Times Writer

Dear Citizens and Times Editor,

This is Giggler01 and I would really appreciate it the Times Editor could publish this apology letter in the next edition of the Times. In the March 14th edition, I had an article published about how it had been six months since the morning of September 11th. I made an error in this article and I didn't realize it until it was too late.

I have received a letter today in my mailbox that points out this mistake. I said that on February 11th, it made six months since that day. I am very sorry for this error, and I would like to correct it now. It makes six months on March 11th.

I am very sorry, because I understand how this may have made some people feel. I am not going to say that the Editor should have corrected this before publication, because I should have done that when I proofread it. I know that some of you may be offended, and all I can say is that I'm human and I do make mistakes. I hope that people can accept my apology. Thanks for your time.


Editor's Note: Thank you, Giggler01. I should have caught the error, and for missing it, I apologize, too. Your article has already been corrected. I hope those hurt by this mistake will understand it was unintentional, and that we all share our sorrow, no matter what day it is today.



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