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I look in the mirror, and, as usual, I point out my flaws to myself.

There's that ugly zit on my nose, and the scar next to my eyebrow. My hair has a bump in it because I hadn't dried it the night before. My eyes were a weird color. There was a small piece of food in my braces from lunch. Gross. My shirt was wrinkly. I had bags under my eyes. My eyeliner was smeared, and my mascara was clumpy. My concealer had all but vanished.

And that's when it hit me.

Those things, those imperfections, they made me who I am. And I love me. People tell me all the time I am pretty, but did I ever truly listen to them?


But these blemishes made me unique. I grabbed my yearbook, flipping fanatically through the pages. Looking at the pictures. I looked at every smiling face looking for that small scar next to the end of the right brow.

No, no, no, no. Oh wait, did she have a scar? No.

Not a single person had a similar eye color as me. That made me unique. No one had the imperfect eyeliner, or mascara. They didn't have a small zit on their nose, although I did find a few who had no concealer.

I was a true person now. I fit in by being different. I called up my friend, needing to confide in her.

No answer. But that didn't stop me. I left a fifteen minute voicemail on her phone. She called me back. "Lindsey, calm down. What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" I cried out.


"Nothing is wrong. I am happy. Sure, the guy I like hasn't admitted his feelings for me, but I'm me again. I'm perfect in God's eyes. He is the one who loves me! No one at school has the same type of scar next to their eyebrow. None of them have a similar color eyeliner. They all wear black, but mine is bronze. No one has my eye color. God made me special, and now I see it. I understand. Aurora, I am true!"

She just laughed, happy that I found me.

I am whole for the first time in a while. And no one can stop me now.

Find yourself.



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