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Last Ones Abroad: Part 2

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Setting: Inside Dr. Leila's house.

When the four friends settled in the cruise, they noticed someone. It was an actor from Tranformers! Alice, Lauren and Alex wanted his autograph, on the other hand, Eric seemed to know noticed something suspicious. Over the loud speaker a man called out, "We are about to leave the ship for our first stop!"

Setting: Pool Party

During the cruise, Lauren was getting dry from swimming in the pool while Alice was relaxing. Alex and Eric already wanted to leave from the pool since the loud speaker had announced that they finally arrived to their destination.

Setting: Woods

They were all leaving from the ship until they noticed that this one little person was clinging on to them. Alice kept asking a lot of questions to this person. I wonder who it is.

After realizing who it was, the friends decided to go exploring in the Woods. The loudspeaker had announced, "Go explore the woods and see what you find! Come back around 6:00 p.m."

Setting: Woods

They walked away from the crowd and went to explore the island. Then they came upon some people at the woods. It was several amount of them.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading, and also to those who participated in our comic. Can anyone guess how many butterflies there are in the Pool Party?


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