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The Many Faces of Whyville: Part 2

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Hello readers! Last week, I came out with "The Many Faces of Whyville", which seemed to be popular. I was asked to "keep them coming", so I've decided to do another with new faces!

This time, I met up with three new citizens who have great style and some funny answers.

Meet ix3youx3.

Watermel8: What is your favorite item on your avatar?
ix3lovex3: Probably, my hair -- Camilla.
Watermel8: What's your style in real life?
ix3lovex3: Emo!
Watermel8: Is there a reason why your style is emo?
ix3youx3: Yeah! Because it's awesome.
Watermel8: Would you say your avatar reflects your style or is it different?
ix3youx3: I changed it up.
Watermel8: Do you design face parts?
ix3youx3: No I do not.

What I like about her look: I love her hair and her facial expression. It's a very simple look but still cute.

Meet Carmel241.

Watermel8: Is there anything about your avatar that resembles you?
Carmel241: Yes, my nose actually. In real life, I have a horrible big nose and my parents finally agreed to getting it fixed.
Watermel8: Does this look really represent your style?
Carmel241: Actually it does not! I am more into girly clothing, in real life I like to rebel.
Watermel8: Who is your favorite Akbar designer?
Carmel241: Personally, I like Peachadee. Her clothing is always the style!
Watermel8: Are you proud to move around Whyville with your confident style?
Carmel241: Yes, I'm very confident with my style. My style always wants to make me dance.

What I like about her look: I like the colors, from pink and yellow, to white and black. I love how she added something about her that she doesn't like in real life but kept it anyway to show her true self and that's she confident.

Meet Muny1.

Watermel8: Is there a hidden story behind your look?
muny1: Not really, just different combinations of hair.
Watermel8: Being a guy, are you really into fashion and style?
muny1: LoL, heck ya! The girls at school have to think I look great. They never see me with an ugly swag.
Watermel8: How recent is this Whyville look?
muny1: About 3 months ago!
Watermel8: Do you spend the majority of your clams on face parts?
muny1: Yeah, about 200 or more clams.
Watermel8: What's your favorite thing about Akbar's face mall.
muny1: I got to say the amount of items it shows.

What I like about his look: I like how his different types of hair cover his eyes, and how he really takes pride in his look in the real world.

If you would like to be featured in the next edition please send me a y-mail. Please have a good story behind your look.



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