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Water Girl: Part 3

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"Okay then, please stand when I call you and state the following: Why you think you would be the best candidate to accept The Water Powers. After you all finish, I will tell you what you have shown and what we think, then we will judge and pick the next candidate." Judge Phillips said plainly, looking each and every one of us in the eye. He pushed his black rimmed glasses higher on the bridge of his nose and set his hands on the table in a firm grasp. "Justin Arue, you're first." I exhaled and watched as an extremely nervous Justin pushed himself up from his chair and breathed in a deep breathe and then let it out shakily.

"I . . . I - I . . . " gulped Justin and I could just imagine him pulling on his tight tie, if he had one. He looked at his dad who was right beside him and who gave an impression that he would give up anything to escape the soon to be train wreck. Even though Justin would never be my first pick when it would come to confiding all my dreams and secrets too, I couldn't help but feel a little bad for him, who stood there all alone.

"I think I would . . . be . . . uh . . . good for the position, I mean power . . . to have the power to . . . uh . . . be the next holder of Water - to control water. That would be cool . . . um . . . thank you." Justin rambled on to finish quickly and escape the spotlight. I looked toward my mother who seemed to want to smirk at Justin's unworthy presentation.

"Yes, well. Thank you Justin . . . uh . . . good job." grunted Judge Phillips who was probably thinking, 'This could be the person controlling the future?s water? I should be taking cover for tsunamis!' "Next up . . . Chrissie."

Chrissie cursed under her breath but in the end, detached herself from her chair and stood up. She looked rather shaky and pale once I thought about it. Like a ghost.

She looked calm and stable on her feet which made me happy. (Having the whole area covered with her breakfast would have not done great things for my stomach).

"I would want to become the element of water for the following two reasons. One, I think it would be a great opportunity to help our world and help control water. If I were to be chosen, I would try to use my powers for good, not like the previous water holder. Ophelia was a person with two faces and when you trusted her with the powers, you didn't think she would let you down. Once you gave her the powers, you couldn't escape her for the next 60 years. Today is a memorable day when we escape all that is destroying and lock Ophelia up." Chrissie said a little too well rehearsed. "The second reason why is because I was part of this for a while now. My mother was the Earth element and she took her job very seriously. I believe I should follow in her footsteps only with water. I have already shown that I have an attraction to water. I guess that would be all. Thank you for listening."

Chrissie ended her speech with a brush of her hand. I could detect a small amount of mist floating around me. It was very small but noticeable and pleasant enough not to give you goosebumps. Chrissie did that. She used what little power she had to end her speech in a more creative way. I suddenly despised her. The only thing I could do was have vivid dreams about water, and those were usually lame.

I looked around and noticed how Judge Phillips was smiling. He obviously enjoyed Chrissie's presentation. The next two minutes were full of everything from what people did to deserve the water powers to why they suddenly had to pee. The following were the excuses - I have a bladder infection, I lost my wallet in the washroom, and I have my period (mind you Cameron said that). Suddenly, after what seemed like seconds, I was called to make a brief speech why I should be the Water Powers. I twitched and stood up, suddenly feeling quite heavy and like gravity had a more extreme effect on me than the rest of the contestants. I knew every thing by heart, but not too well since I tried to keep it sounding normal during my practices with my bathroom mirror. Let's just leave it at that, and not make you run out screaming once you've heard that I have named the mirror and my walls. What can I say, I was bored one day and Mirror Jimmy seemed like he needed a friend.

I gulped, looked around trying not to shrink back at multiply nervous eyes boring down through my skull and into my brain. Feeling exposed to the maximum, I began my presentation. "I would love to gain the opportunity to be the next element of water. I think it would be amazing to help our world today. Now, I know that the council's previous decision resulted in horrific results, but I feel confident you won't make that mistake when picking me. I would lead our world to power, faith and, most importantly, peace. I would use the Water Powers to help and not destroy. Thank you." I sat back down, feeling a surge of energy rush through me. Happily I glanced at my proud mother, swallowing back tears.

Judge Phillips nodded once, probably remembering the 1949 election when Ophelia was picked to be the element of water. People were killed and there was nothing the council could do except watch her destroy Earth one tsunami at a time. Sine she was an element, she was considered sacred and untouchable. Nothing could be done, and it turned out to be a dark time indeed for everyone.

My mother and I were mentally celebrating that my speech didn't make her cry of shame that we didn't notice when a woman dressed in all green entered the light room. All the shadows seemed to hide when she waltzed in, feet barely grazing the ground and all frown lines seemed to evaporate on Judge Phillips head as he spotted her.

"Ah, Mother Nature . . . so glad you could join us." smiled Judge Phillips.


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