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Every time I read about someone or watch a movie about someone who did what they loved, I think I could do that to. Like when I watched the movie Ice Princess. I was fully committed to learn how to ice skate, until I tried and failed. When I watched the movie Fame, I thought that I would become a singer or an actor and go to that school and land a job. That didn't even last a few months. When I read "The Princess Dairies" series by Meg Cabot I kept asking my dad if you was the prince of some foreign country know one has heard of. My dad just told me, "My little Annie, I wish I could tell you I was, but no." When I watched the movie Read it and Weep, I thought I could write a book and make billions off of it.

Not true.

After sitting for about two hours I went to work. I committed myself to write a story at least ten Microsoft Word pages long in Times New Roman size eleven font. It toke me six months to get to ten pages -- now I'm at sixteen.

When I think about it, that day about a year ago I found my talent, my past time. I started sending in articles to the Times with high hopes that one would get in. Not didn't happen until a few tries later.

On May 17, 2009 my first series came out. I was jumping around the house screaming for joy. Now today, January 30, 2010, I finally realized what this has given me.

Writing for the Times has always been my pride and joy. I love doing it. I've grown as I writer, and when I look back at my first series, "A Different Life", and my series now, "Everlasting", I see a big difference. I describe more, and I have confidence that my writing is as good as all the other writers.

When I write, letters turn into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, paragraphs into pages, and pages into a story. That story is all mine, one I made up, one that I told, one of my own.

I don't make billions, millions, thousands, hundreds, ones, or even a penny for my writing. I make something much more then money. I have confidence, I have my talent, my pastime -- something that I love to do.



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