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Interview with the Biggest Name in Whyville

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Hey there! Lindsey here, with a hot new interview fresh off of . . . hmm . . . what would an interview be of off? The person's mouth? You know the saying, 'With a hot new (insert item here) fresh off of the press'? Well, the item is the interview, and so what would it be fresh off of . . .? Nevermind. You have an interview to read!

I had the opportunity to interview a huge name in Whyville. And I know you know this person who might not know you, considering there are many people on Whyville that you will never know. Do you follow? No, not MooU; or any of her thirty accounts. No. I interviewed . . . that's right! The one, the only,

Dr. Suess!

What's that? You don't believe me? Well, good. Because I lied. I really interviewed Akbar. That's right, folks! I interviewed Akbar, the guy who owns the amazing, Akbar's Face Mall!

Here's the scoop!

sqeakers1: Did you know that Akbar was actually an Indian prince?
Akbar: Yes, I know this.

sqeakers1: How did you become owner of the Face Mall?
Akbar: I was hired by the makers of Whyville when Whyville first started back in 1999 to run the Face Factory and Face Mall.

sqeakers1: How did you hear about Whyville?
Akbar: Through a job listing.

sqeakers1: When did you get a monkey and why did you name him Bob? Why not something more original, like, oh, I don't know, George?
Akbar: I got Bob about a year ago. He's my best bud. We go everywhere together. He looked so lonely sitting there in the Face Mall without an owner. I couldn't resist. I liked the name Bob because it says the same thing if you spell it backwards. Well that and Bob seems to like it.
sqeakers1: Aw, best buds are awesome!

sqeakers1: Do you enjoy running the mall?
Akbar: I love it. I get to see all kinds of creative artwork from Whyville citizens!

sqeakers1: What type of music do you like?
Akbar: Mostly acoustic. This can mean orchestra, guitar, piano. I'm not really into rap, hip hop, or techno. sqeakers1: Woo hoo! Go piano!

sqeakers1: How old are you?
Akbar: I am an adult. That's all I'm sayin'.

sqeakers1: Could you elaborate on how you decide whether or not parts get in?
Akbar: I just follow the rules that you see when you visit the Face Factory. Many of the rules came about because some people kept creating things that were inappropriate. And we have to remember that this a kid's website. Other rules are in place because we are not allowed to infringe upon copyright laws.

sqeakers1: What do you think of the latest Whyville fashions?
Akbar: I think they are pretty cool. I like them!

sqeakers1: Any words of wisdom you have for the potential designers?
Akbar: PLEASE take a look at the list of rules in the Face Factory. If you follow them then I will not have to reject your parts. Also, the best way to become a better designer is to practice. If you have a PC you can go to the START menu then click ALL PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then PAINT. From here you can practice drawing in an environment that is very similar to the Face Factory Drawing tool.

Well, citizens, there you have it. Follow Akbar's wise words of wisdom and you too can be a great designer!

That was a lame sentence.



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