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Wimps Lift Weights, Cheerleaders Lift People

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Hello Whyvillians, before I get to my point, I'd like to let you all know what cheerleading is. Cheerleading is a sport that consists of tumbling, jumps, stunting and dance. Some cheerleaders have practice 4 days a week, now tell me, how is that not a sport?

Cheerleading takes a lot of your time and effort, everyone on the team is needed badly. It's not like basketball or baseball where if someone gets injured you just take another player off of the bench and you're good to go, if someone gets hurt in cheerleading we have to change the routine to make it work.

Flyers have to have really good strength, balance and flexibility, and the bases have to have good strength to throw flyers up more than 15 feet in the air.

We also need to have great strength to tumble. Like doing backhand springs, why don't you try to do one of those?

I'm so tired of wrestlers and football players saying cheerleading isn't a sport. Trust me, we get more injuries than they do. And also, if football players miss the catch all they lose is the ball.

We're athletes, just as much as the football players, basketball players and wrestlers. The only difference is we don't play the field, we rule the sidelines.


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