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Lying Loses

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These days, it seems to be taken lightly. I've caught myself doing it numerous times, and it makes me wonder how much I do it without realizing it.


Lying can be very dangerous. It seems to be a habit of many teenagers, myself included. I'm trying to stop, but once you get in the habit of using those "little white lies" over and over, it's no longer going to be just a "little white lie." It grows and grows. You lie once, and you have to keep lying and lying, changing your story over and over, which I've learned is absolutely no fun. At all. Some people do pull it off, but it doesn't matter. What happens when you're an adult and there's big problems you have to deal with? Are you just going to lie it off then, too? I sure hope not.

By now, I hate to admit it, but lying is just something I no longer have to think about. It just slips out, and I never even think about it again. I'm sure most of you have gotten away with lying before too. Little questions such as, "Are you chewing gum?" or, "How are your grades?" will provoke many of us to lie. Take it from someone who knows what can happen; don't lie. For me, it all started with a little white lie, and now I don't have my cell phone for two months. No fun. And that's not the worst that can happen -- Trust me. You could be grounded for much longer, suspended from school, or even arrested. How hard is it to just tell the truth? Don't let those lies slip out of your mouth. A small lie now can be a big mess to clean up later.

Right now, I'm just trying to encourage you to not lie. Think before you speak. Think about the consequences you'll have to deal with. Chances are, if you do something you're not too proud of, you're less likely to get in trouble if you just tell the truth the first time. You're not the only one, remember that.

Think before you speak,
- momojo1


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