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Alone in this world,
without any guidance
It hurts,
and it is pain

Though when I found you,
you loved me like no other --

I cannot go along without you,
for you are my shepherd and I am your sheep
You are the one that guides and helps me
You bundle me up when I am in pain,
and you caress to me, singing lullabies until I fall asleep

Oh, how I love your voice
Oh, how you love me so
Yet it is not only me you adore;
but you have all of your children that you love

I adore you, too, Father
You help me in my time of need
I find mercy in your words

It is you and only you that I find shelter in,
and I see that you are generous to others also

You are not a hypocrite when you speak of kindness;
you encourage us to do the same as you
What would Father do?

You are not only my Father, however
You are a spirit that dwells within me,
a love I could find no where else

You have saved me,
you have had mercy

Father, you are none other than God
My love, my true love
The one that I adore,
and the one whose voice I follow

For it is only through you, my Lord, that I can find peace
For it is only through you, my Lord, that I can find comfort
For it is only through you, my Lord, that I can find my eternal resting place

You are the key,
you are the love,
and you cherish me


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