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Out of Time to Travel: Part 3

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Jamie and Sierra seemed excited through the day. I don't get why. What's the big deal, anyway? My parents just got more famous. Big whoop. Okay, well, I guess I'm a little excited. Just a little. A tiny bit.

We walked through the hallways ignoring the admirable looks from some and the jealous glares from others. We stepped into the cafeteria, and threw our books and lunches on the table that seated four. I was hoping no one would join us. I didn't want some random person sitting with us, questioning me about the time machine.

Besides walking in the hallways where we had to strain our ears to hear what we were saying, the only place we could really talk was lunch. At least the people talking in the cafeteria were all in their own little groups, so it lessened the noise a little. "So?" Sierra demanded.

I had no idea what she meant. "So what?" I asked.

"What do you think? 'Bout the time machine. You've been kinda quiet about it all day. You're thinking about it, I can tell. You've had that lost-in-your-thoughts look on your face ever since second period. Just staring into space. Daydreaming about it maybe? You're excited aren't you? Yeah, you are. You think it's pretty cool. Admit it." It's weird how Sierra can read my mind sometimes. That's exactly what I was thinking. Not that I'd admit it of course.

So I just said, "I couldn't care less."

Sierra and Jamie gave me looks that said, 'Yeah, right.'

"So, who are ya taking on the time machine with you?" Sierra joked.


Julia laughed, but before she could respond, a teacher stepped up to the podium. The lunchroom instantly fell silent. Her magnified voice rang out through the room, "Attention. Attention everybody. I'm sure you've all heard the announcement about the time machine. So, if you'd like to volunteer, put your name and homeroom on a piece of paper and put it in this ballot box. Everyone can put their name in once for free, but if you really want to be picked, it's 25 cents per extra time you put your name in. Good luck everybody. I'll be standing by the ballot box to make sure no one tries anything." She said the last words with a slightly noticeable glare at a class clown named Jimmy. "That'll be all," she finished.

Immediately the cafeteria's volume rose up to it's usual level, if not louder. Almost every kid in the room had run up to the ballot box, pulling out their money.

'Wow, I am so lucky I'm definitely going already. I don't want to me stuck in that mob,' I thought.

While Jamie, Julia and I were laughing at the other kids, I noticed Ally and Alex slipping out from the crowd, as inconspicuously as they could. I don't even think Jamie or Julia noticed. I glanced at Julia. She had noticed. It was almost as if we had asked each other, 'What are they doing?' Although we didn't say anything aloud, Julia shrugged.


I love Julia and Sierra, but sometimes it's hard always hanging out with them. The two of them can practically read each other's minds. I can always feel an unspoken conversation pass between them, but I can't tell what it is. It's some special connection they have. I don't think I'll ever be a part of it.

So I had to ask Julia, "Jules, why'd you just shrug?"

She didn't look too happy about having to explain it, but she answered me regularly. "A+A just slipped out. We don't know why."

"Let's leave, too. No one's paying attention, anyway. We'll look for them," I suggested.

"Good idea, Jay," Sierra said. Julia nodded.

We stood up and acted like we were going to the garbage pail at the end of the cafeteria by the doors. We each threw out some of our lunches, so we wouldn't look weird if anyone noticed us. I guess it was a good idea because one of the lunch aides was watching us. Once she turned away, the three of us slipped out the door into the sanctuary of the hallway. Since it was about the middle of the period, the hallways were deserted.

"Okay," Julia whispered. "Let's check the bathrooms first."

So we walked to the girls bathroom silently and stopped outside the door when we heard voices. "Yes, it's quite a mob scene," the first voice said in a falsely sweet voice. Ally, Julia mouthed. Sierra and I nodded. There was a pause. We all exchanged glances and knew they were on the phone. But with who? And why?

"It costs 25 cents per extra name," another voice said, using the same falsely sweet voice. We knew it was Alex. They wanted money to put their names in the raffle. Who were they asking, though?

"Oh! Thank you so much, Father! One hundred fifty dollars?" Ally's voice exclaimed. Of course! Their father is filthy rich.

"Each? Father, you're the best!" Alex's voice was pretty high. I guess it pained her to put on a sweet voice that long. "Okay, we'll see you in a little while. Bye, Father!"

"Ugh. Thank goodness that's over. I can stop being all proper and sweet." Ally said.

"Tell me about it. But at least once he drops off three hundred dollars at the school, we're definitely gonna win the raffle!" Alex told her, not hiding the excitement in her voice.

They walked out of the bathroom and saw Julia, Sierra, and me. They glared at us before storming away. Once they were a little while away, I said, "Can we get them in trouble for that?" "I don't think so," Julia said.

"I wish we could," I whined. "It'd be so fun to get them in trouble. Dang it! They're gonna come with us now! Ugh!"

"Woo-hoo, we get to spend time with A+A, and maybe some of their clones," Julia said sarcastically.


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