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The Many Faces of Whyville: Part 3

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Hi everyone! I'm back with another segment of "The Many Faces of Whyville". Over the past week I've been bombarded with y-mails from Whyvillians asking to be featured. Since, I have a very tight schedule I am sad to say this is the last segment.

But anyways, enjoy this edition as we meet the final round of Whyvillians.

WaterMel8: Is there a story behind your look?
Sportyax: Well, specifically, no. I just love putting face parts together and looking different than others.
WaterMel8: Are you a fan of Lady Gaga and her Monster Ball tour?
Sportyax: Of course I am! I love her performances and outfits. Her fashion amazes me!
WaterMel8: What does your look say about you?
Sportyax: My look, I would say, is partly like my personality. I am that person that can be full of emotions at points, but hateful on days that depress me.
WaterMel8: Are you confident with your look outside and inside of Whyville
Sportyax: Sure! I wouldn't say I look the best, but hey, that's just how I am, and I wouldn't want to change it.
WaterMel8: What is one word to describe your style?
Sportyax: Fun.
WaterMel8: Do you think your avatar should reflect your outside look?
Sportyax: I don't particularly think it should, because on Whyville, I usually show what I want to be. I want to be that kind of person that you can't see into . . . but you figure out the puzzle once you get to know me.

WaterMel8: What is your style in real life?
rebek323: My style is Emo in real life. I'm a daydreamer, and always imagine what life would be like with wings, or if we were all dark fairies.
WaterMel8: Is your style in honor of a celebrity or a role model?
rebek323: My older sister is my role model. She is the most beautiful person I've seen in my life.
WaterMel8: Do you really have blue hair!?
rebek323: No, my hair is really straight and dark brown, almost black.
WaterMel8: Are you a fan of holding accessories outside of Whyville also?
rebek323: Yes, I love to hold things such as roses, etc. Actually my boyfriend gave me this teddy bear.
WaterMel8: What's your favorite store to shop in, to make your perfect look?
rebek323: My favorite store is Hot Topic, or Rue 21.
WaterMel8: Does anything resemble your style in your avatar?
rebek323: Some stuff resembles Hot Topic, but not many things. It's hard to find things I like in Akbar's, cause I'm very picky with clothes.

WaterMel8: What makes your style unique?
Skatebod5: My style is unique because no one else wears the stuff I do, and I don't like looking like other people.
WaterMel8: Did you make this look or did you go to the Style Studio?
Skatebod5: I made it myself. I'm either at Akbar's buying new stuff or at Style Studio making people looks.
WaterMel8: What is your favorite part of your avatar?
Skatebod5: My favorite part of my avatar is defiantly all the hats I wear. It just seems like all my looks need a hat. It helps show who I am.
WaterMel8: Why did you want to be in this edition?
Skatebod5: I want Whyville to know about my look, so that they will get ideas from them, and it will be a lot easier to find face parts.
WaterMel8: Do you dress up your avatar on special holidays or seasons?
Skatebod5: Sometimes, depending if I want to spend clams on that season. But I always dress up on Halloween, WOOT!
WaterMel8: Do you design face oarts?
Skatebod5: I am a face part designer, but most of them are just inside jokes me and my friends have. Hopefully I'll make good face parts.

Although I am ending the series off now, you never know when I might be back, reporting the fabulous looks of our pretty community. Stay unique and fashionable. I'll be back!



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