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A Club for Those Who Shine

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The lights, the crowd, the adrenaline rush, and finally, the curtains close. Theater is an amazing experience that most people are hesitant to try. They pass Theater off as a club for losers. Or maybe don't even think about it at all. I'm here to tell you that the drama club you've been hearing about on announcements for years might actually provide you with some of your most memorable experiences.

To start, if you can't act, don't worry; drama club isn't only for actors. There are many positions on crew such as; costumes, set building, props, publicity, etc . . . and although you don't get to shine on stage, you get to watch all your hard work fall into place. And that is satisfying.

However, the best experience of Theater is felt by the actors. When working on a play or musical, you get to bond closely to your peers. You feel a part of something bigger than yourself, and it's truly amazing. And by the time the show is complete, and you force your legs to wobble on stage, the rush of the performance grabs you and doesn't let go. It provides you with a sense of confidence that you never knew you had before. And you will never, forget that performance. Even I can vividly remember my performance from 7 years ago!

Finally, if you're worried about memorization or messing up, it's okay. Your lines are much easier to memorize than you think. After constant rehearsals, the lines are drilled into your brain. And even if you do mess up, the audience won't notice, or will soon forget it. There's so much going on in the plays that a little mess up, won't make a huge impact. Don't be scared to try out. Take a chance, and try something new. Go out for Theater, and create lifelong memories!



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