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Don't Leave and A Friend

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Whyville Poet

Don't Leave

The misery and sorrow
all wrapped in one,
the crying and the sadness has only begun.
For tonight a little animal said goodbye to me
and laid down its head for a heavenly sleep.
My eyes are red from crying,
the tears drying on my face.
I hope my guinea pig has a soul
to go to a better place.
I will always remember the day I got him.
Little was he,
Bundled up in my arms for all eternity.
I only regret when I grew older
I didn't pay much attention to him any longer.
Yet my first pet, little Taner
will live in my heart forever.


Whyville Poet

A Friend

a friend is like a guardian:
they help you when you have fallen;
they cheer you up when you down;
they always stand up for you even when
they know you're wrong.

a friend is like a flower;
they are always beautiful at heart and mind.

a friend is like a flower bud;
they always seem fresh in the afternoon
to do something with you. a friend is like Whyville;
they're the best, and always will be.

a friend is:
someone who care and loves you.
someone who sticks with you.
someone who includes, not excludes.
a friend is someone who doesn't care what you
look like: fat, thin, tall, short.

a friend is not:
someone who cares about fashion first.
someone who cares how you look.
someone who thinks that your not cool
because you hang around with the new kid.
someone who will bug you when they're around
another "cool" kid.

I hope you enjoyed my poem... I was giving it to someone on Valentine's Day. ;) See ya.

....::Peace Out::....



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