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Heaven Versus Hell: Part 4

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Disbelief made Elody fall to her knees. "W-what did you say?" she whispered.

"You're an angel."

Elody looked up to Gabriel with her shimmering purple eyes, which now turned to yellow. "How?" she breathed. It would be totally impossible! 'Angels don't mate, do they?' she thought. 'And plus, why am I not following this God guy then?!' But Elody kept her mouth shut and waited for Gabriel to respond.

Gabriel must have read her thoughts, because he smiled and looked at her fondly. "They say that Lucifer is an example of a fallen angel, but really, he isn't. He's just the devil. You're a true fallen angel; you are not necessarily a follower of God, and yet you didn't even know about him! Simply, you have one of the characteristics of an angel and such -- you have color-changing eyes. I guess you could say you're a daughter of the rainbow. What your eye color changes through determines what 'kind' of angel you are. For example, I am a 'son of the ice', but really, I'm not. It's something technical. They only call you that."

Elody was still baffled, but she just shrugged. "Well, what are you going to make me do? Become a 'true' angel or something?"

"Of course, I'd never force you to," Gabriel answered.

"But if I said I wanted to, would you do it?" she murmured.

Gabriel stared at her for a long time, but then nodded.

Elody smirked. "Then no." No way was she going to surrender herself to this God-guy -- she hardly even know who he was, really. However much he loved her, she didn't care; Elody would wait. But still, she did want to know more of the war thing. After all, didn't it involve her? Those monster things were chasing her, and Elody was tired of running. Thus, she asked. "So, what are we going to do?"

Though Gabriel seemed distant, and he wasn't answering. His deep blue eyes were empty and held hardly any emotion as he gazed along the room, quietly perceiving all that was around him. Elody felt uncomfortable because of this, and repeating her question. "Gabriel?" she whispered when he did not answer, yet again.

Gabriel turned to her, his eyes now teal. "Come." That one, solid word drew Elody towards him and her legs worked as she followed in his footsteps. Elody took a deep breath when she spotted an old door, which had a rusty hinge and cobwebs surrounding it. Little holes were found here and there, and tiny lights peeped inside to give the dull, dank place some warm feeling; though, of course, it was still a bit creepy. Because of this, Elody shuddered and continued to follow Gabriel as he opened the door.

Once the gate was opened, an enormous amount of light poured in, and Elody almost squeaked with surprise as the blinding whiteness surrounded her. Immediately, Elody threw her arms up to block the brightness from her precious color-changing (and squinting) eyes. Elody stumbled forward, for she sensed Gabriel advancing. She almost screamed, 'Wait!', but she was so shocked that she merely couldn't. You may ask why she was shocked.

The reason why? Well, when she was about to scream, the light vanished and before her stood a mighty gate -- and a real gate, mind you. And, towering over it, was something ever so breathtaking and amazing that she could not describe it. Even I could not describe it. It was absolutely the best thing ever. You could never, ever even be able to image it up in your head. It was the most gorgeous thing you could ever imagine; too bold and pretty for even words. It surpassed the most beautiful thing you might see on Earth. It was glittering with every gemstone you could think of -- and even more that had never been even discovered by man. Thus, I shall not even try to begin to describe it, for my words would fall short to its glory.

Speechless and stunned beyond belief, Gabriel had to lead Elody by the hand so that she could discover more of the breath-takingness. Part of her almost did not want to see it. Other parts made her really desire to. She couldn't make up her mind! It was too much.

As they came closer to the ginormous gate, Elody squinted her eyes to make sure what she was seeing was real. Before her was a very large, worn leather book with pure gold trimming. In very elegant liquid gold words were spelled out to be "The Book of Lamb". A jeweled buckle held it together. Shuddering, Elody looked to her right; though her excitement was not quelled doing so. It only made her even more stunned beyond belief. A long, long line of people were extending miles and miles. They were bustling as far as she could see.

"Wow," she whispered. Gabriel merely nodded. "Are you ready to enter the gates of Heaven?" he asked. Shivers running up and down Elody's spine, she nodded and grasped Gabriel's hand even tighter, though his cold fingers were not of much comfort.

Then they entered.


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