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Hit Whytunes or Funky Junk?

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Have you ever heard of WhyTunes? WhyTunes are songs citizens just like you create on Whyville! Making WhyTunes can take some time and a lot of practice but after a while your songs might have 5-star ratings and be selling like crazy!

To get started, head to Club Scion. Then click on the records to take you to the Scion WhyTunes Music Maker. You can go to a Group Studio to make songs with your friends, or to a Private Studio to work on one of your own.

When you're making WhyTunes you have to keep in mind what sounds go well together. I like to mix sounds together. For example: I might combine rock music for my drums and classical music for my chord and do another sound such as pop for the bass. If you mix just the right sounds together you just might get a neat sounding song.

When you have picked out what kind of music to use for your drum, bass and chords, you can add sounds such as a doorbell or the tambourine to your song. You want to try to add sounds that sound good combined with your chords, bass and drums. Sounds such as the doorbell will not continue to play throughout the whole song like the drums, chords and and bass do.

Making WhyTunes is a fun thing to do but if you want other citizens to listen to the songs you make then you have to pay 25 clams per week for every song you make. The 25 clams you pay each week is to get your song a spot in the jukebox. The jukebox is a place you can go to to listen to songs. If you choose to make your song private so only you can listen to it then you won't have to pay 25 clams per week. When someone listens to your song you will receive 3 clams. If your song is private no one can listen to it so you can't get 3 clams.

You can also advertise your songs. If you advertise your songs then they will get a special spot in the jukebox. They will be under a section called Most Advertised. You can choose the amount of clams you want to advertise your songs for. Every time someone listens to your song they can rate it 1-5 stars with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. If your song is rated 5 stars then it will appear in the section called Top Rated. The Top Rated section is for 5-star songs only.

I hope you learned a lot about making WhyTunes!
- Kerry114


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