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Not Forgotten: Part 3

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David's hand reached out and grabbed hers. She looked up at him, and in that one second, she knew that they were in real peril. She turned back to face the brush, where a womanly figure had emerged. It was the undead-living Shay thing again, only this time she was clean. Her hair was in it's normal ponytail, and her makeup was neutral. Kylie watched her with weary eyes, all the while trying to figure out a way to get out of the situation. More and more figures emerged; people Kylie never knew, others that Kylie had met, some that she had heard of.

They were all dead. Shay smiled, revealing those teeth that had haunted Kylie for a while now. A crack split the air, and David looked around, locking eyes with no other than his brother, who had died in a fire at a convenience store nearly four years ago. "Josh . . .?" he said simply. Josh stared back at him, unmoving, before turning to watch Shay, as if for orders. Shay stepped forward. "Kylie Brown . . . Well, I honestly never thought that I would see you again. I really did think that when I had died, I had been forgotten." Kylie stared right back, and clearly said, "No Shay. I never stopped thinking about you. I never meant to steal David, or hurt you or -" but Shay cut her off.

"Look here. I'm not interested in your excuses or your pitiful life story. I just honestly don't care. All that me and my kind are interested in is revenge. We are here today because we were wronged; by you, David, and others. We're rising against, however, the way of life. We didn't die in vain, Kylie. We're going to create a rebellion, and man kind will never be the same. And the fun part about this is, you can't tell, or we kill Eric, your family, and you. Everyone. I swear to you Kylie." Shay's dull eyes locked with the living girl, and they had a short stare off before Kylie looked away. Shay immediately knew that this would be an easy battle.

Kylie sighed. Shay could ask all the questions she wanted; later. There was no point in trying to run away, and she might as well give in. For now. Now was her time to interrogate the girl. And one question came to mind. "Where is Eric?" she demanded. Josh chuckled, and Kylie's attention darted from Shay to him. Something in his eyes weren't right; if anything happened to Eric, he would be to blame. Kylie knew this instantly. She ran at him. "What have you done with him!?" she shrieked. David grabbed her arm, and she flung him off, knocking him off balancing. He fell to the ground, his eyes wide with fear as she turned to glare back at him. Then the ice melted and she fell to his side, helping him up. "I'm sorry." she weakly said.

"I dare you," Josh's raspy voice filled the stale air, "to touch me. To try to hurt me." Kylie charged at him, before David grabbed her waist. She growled, "I'll take you up on that offer." she hissed. Josh's muscles tensed, but Shay stepped toward him, leaning against his arm, whispering in his ear. David's face twisted in disgust. "You seriously like my ex?" he asked, appalled. Josh looked at him, "Yeah. I seriously do."

The others had slowly began to drift back into the forest. Kylie looked at Shay. "You didn't answer my question, and Shay, I swear to you, I will go to the ends of the earth for my brother." "Oh, I know. That's why I won't tell you, but I will show you. Just follow me, and shut up." David shook his head. "No way, Shay." he stated. But Kylie had already drifted into the woods after the girl and her boyfriend. "Oh man . . ." groaned David, watching her, but following obediently.


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