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The Warp Wagon Incident: Part 2

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We last saw Clara in a tree, scared and confused. After staying in the tree for a while, she decided to climb down. She found a nice, sunny spot of grass not too far away, and started thinking up a plan.

After a while of thinking and planning, she came up with nothing. She really didn't want to wander around, after the dinosaur episode, but thought it was her only chance for survival . . . or maybe even rescue.

So, she got up and started her walk, when she saw a strange object in the distance.

But suddenly, she recognized it as the Warp Wagon! She ran faster than anyone has ever ran before! When she finally reached the wagon, sweating and panting, she flung open the door and jumped inside.

As quickly as she could, she selected "Whyville" from the globe and clicked on the button that would bring her home. But, once again, that Warp Wagon shook and smoked, and there was a blinding flash.

She opened her eyes, only to shut them again. She was standing on something high, very high, and she was terrified of heights! Knowing she couldn't stand there with her eyes closed for the rest of the day, she opened them. She was on top of a mountain, Mt. Rushmore to be exact!

She had always wanted to visit Mt. Rushmore, but never this close . . . She made an attempt to sit down, but instead of going down she went backwards as she slipped off the mountain!

Did Clara fall off the mountain? How will she survive? What is wrong with the Warp Wagon?! Come back next week!


Author's Note: Whoever would like to be in my next comic, please send me a y-mail with a short description of yourself and a number between 1 and 100, before Friday.


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