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What does "beauty" mean to you? You can see beauty in many different ways. Maybe beauty to you is someone you see in school for example, who seems perfect. They're gorgeous. They're "beautiful". Do you see beauty as a person? Or do you see beauty as something else? I've discovered something new in life. Something, beautiful.

Beauty is stereotyped. We call people beautiful, hideous and things of that sort. But what really is beauty? I don't see beauty as a person, or how someone looks. Beauty to me, is nature.

I can't even begin to describe how beautiful I think nature is. There are so many things in this world that are just plain gorgeous. Sometimes, I like to just go outside and look at all the stars outside. There are billions of them. They are so gorgeous in their own way. I can go out there and just sit and think for hours how many of them are out there. Our solar system, our universe, is so gorgeous. If you've ever seen pictures of all the planets out there, it's amazing. If you've never seen any pictures of it, I suggest you do. It's out of this world. Literally. Haha, get it? Out of this world? That's where you say, "Oh, you're so funny, KirsKooki!"

But back to the point, there are so many things out in the universe that are just unbelievable! Can you imagine a planet 10 times the size of Earth? Or, a meteor big enough to wipe out half the planet, but would only make a small dent in others? It's so amazing, Whyvillians.

I've been limited to go out and look at the stars because of how cold it is outside, but it's much better in the summer. Ah, those summer nights. Those gorgeous summer nights that you spend outside, late at night, swimming your heart out. Those warm, summer nights where you can go outside and catch all the lightning bugs you can dream of. Those summer nights where you can just sit outside and think, "Wow, life is good."

That to me, is beauty. Those little things in life that are the best. But one of the most gorgeous things to me, is the ocean. Have you ever gone to the beach and just looked out at the sparkling waters, and the blue, clear sky, as the soft sand touch your toes. All of it is great. The seashells! There's billions of them out there, and they're gorgeous! You'll never find 2 that are exactly the same. I love it. It's one of my favorite things. All the beauty on the beach, is definitely beautiful to me.

Another beauty in life is food. There are so many different types of food out there. Some food dishes are gorgeous, and they are just the most delicious things you've ever tasted. It's amazing. There's food out there that comes straight from nature itself. Going to Farmer's Markets in the summer are the best. You get to see all those fresh, plump fruits and vegetables. It's nevertheless, beautiful!

I could honestly go on for hours of all the beauty in life. Beauty can also be fun, in general. What?s your definition of beauty? I know what mine is. I believe beauty is something pleasurable to look at and enjoy.

Take people for example, you may be at an amusement park, or whatever it may be. You see some people laughing their heads off and having the time of their lives. That's a perfect definition of beauty. You want to be like them. You like seeing that, you like having fun. That is pure beauty. Not a girl who walks down the street with her designer clothes, and pretty face. That's not my definition of beauty, and it really shouldn't be anybody's.

I love nature. I love the little things in life. Sometimes the little things, can be the biggest things to someone like me. I can't wait until all the beauty of summer, but until then, I'm going to sit here and enjoy the beauty of winter while it lasts. I also can't wait until Spring where all the flowers spring up, and you can see all the gorgeous, lush, green grass again! I could go on for hours of all the beauty I love in this world. But that's it for now.

This is KirsKooki . . . Hoping that if you haven't starting admiring the beauty in life, now is the time to start!


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