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Alice in Wonderland

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For all you Johnny Depp fans, and fans of this classic tale, a good movie for you would be Alice in Wonderland! Directed by Tim Burton, this movie is a must see for quite a few reasons.

The plot is intriguing and you can see it in 3-D. This makes it incredibly interesting because you feel like you are really in Wonderland with Alice. (Keep in mind that this movie is after Alice goes through the looking glass, so there are changes in Wonderland.) Another reason to see it? The animation is great!! Characters, such as the jabbawockee and rabbits, are obviously fake (Who could play a lizard-dragon thing or hop around like a realistic rabbit??) but they seem real. I know, that was a HUGE oxymoron. What I mean is that those characters, like most of the others, are animated with amazing graphics, but they look like they took a real rabbit and put it into the movie. And trust me, it would be really hard to dress up a rabbit and make it play a trumpet.

Johnny Depp plays the infamous Mad Hatter, who by far, is my favorite character in the whole movie. Anne Hathaway plays the role of the White Queen, whose sister, the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter), has taken over Wonderland! Alice is played by Mia Wasikowska. Alice must regain the White Queen's crown from Red Queen, with the help of Hatter, a good friend. When Alice falls into a rabbit hole, she then discovers her upcoming journey.

Her adventures are wacky and unbelievable, and she keeps telling herself it is all a dream. But what if it wasn't a dream? What if it was real? She figures out in Wonderland that people can't control her and that she needs to take charge of her life, in the real world as well. No more Miss Nice Alice as she begins the amazing trek. With good friends and reliable means of transportation, she finds that she can do it. This once old tale is given a new twist and a lot of new fans, myself included!

Quiz time! The first to answer one of these questions (Or all three) receives fifty clams for each correct answer.

1. Who in the movie says 'spoon' very randomly? Hint: You won't find the answer online. This one you have to see the flick to find out!
2. Why is the Mad Hatter mad? Hint: You should be able to find out the answer online.
3. How are a raven and writing desk alike? Hint: You have to see the film to find this out too.

Y-mail me, sqeakers1, with your answers.

Now go find some tickets!!


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