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First off, if we are going to be talking about BCs you should know what they are. BC stands for Beauty Contest, which is a popular event around Whyville. First, it starts with a host. The host is responsible for picking the winner and providing the prize. The host gathers a group of people in one place, and then begins to pick a select number of Whyvillians based on their appearances. They eliminate one by one, until the winner is chosen. Then, a prize is often given. I attended a BC, and after the winner was crowned I caught up with the host, Ironee, via y-mail. Here's how the interview went.

Meluvme29: So, I see you hosted a BC and Lili53 won. What did you like most about her look?
Ironee: I definitely loved her creativity and organization.
Meluvme29: Was the decision of crowning a winner hard to make?
Ironee: There were tons of Whyvillians with unique looks, it made it very tough to choose! Especially the last two.
Meluvme29: What do you look for when choosing a winner for your BCs?
Ironee: I'm looking for non-overused looks, along with personal style with organized face parts.
Meluvme29: Have you ever been a contestant in a BC before?
Ironee: Oh yes, I've been in many.
Meluvme29: Which do you prefer? Being the host or contestant?
Ironee: I actually like both, but I prefer being the contestant a little bit better. That's so I can feel if my avatar is slightly not right, or if the host gives my critique, I know what to change.
Meluvme29: If you had been the contestant, what would you have thought when the host crowned you the winner?
Ironee: I would think about all the effort I put into my avatar, and how much it was worth to make it. Also, it kinda lets me feel good about myself that I didn't waste clams!
Meluvme29: Do you think that there is a way that we could improve BCs so that it doesn't just focus on looks? If so, what is it?
Ironee: Yes of course! It's kinda crazy that they pick "pixels", haha. Maybe personalities, or Usernames.
Meluvme29: Your BCs are great. However, some aren't. Tell me about the most disastrous BC you have EVER seen?
Ironee: Well, I'm not gonna say names, but I was in this one BC where there were only 6 people and the host said "Get more people! I will pick you as first if you get the most!". I think that was just a waste of a BC, and it was worthless. Getting picked just because you got more people. They care about popularity more than beauty.
Meluvme29: Thanks for your time!
Ironee: No problem, darling.

Then, I caught up with the winner of her BC, Lili53, and interviewed her, over y-mail.

Meluvme29: So, I see you won a BC. What was it like to win?
Lili53: Not much, really. I suppose it doesn't matter because it's virtual . . . but yet it's sort of flattering to know your look was the most favored by the host.
Meluvme29: What was the prize?
Lili53: Nothing. Sometimes that happens. I suppose some people want to hold a BC, but not give out the prize.
Meluvme29: Did you expect you would win?
Lili53: No . . . I don't like to single everyone else out. And that'd be too much self pride. You don't know the likes/dislikes of the host. Sometimes I'm almost sure someone else will win.
Meluvme29: If you had been the host, who would you have picked to win?
Lili53: WABAMSAM or whatever her name was, or Sam7sam7.
Meluvme29: Have you ever hosted a BC before?
Lili53: Yes, I have.
Meluvme29: If so, which do you prefer, being the host or contestant?
Lili53: Contestant. Because sometimes you actually win something . . . but then again it's fun to be host because you get to pick and choose your favorites.
Meluvme29: What are some tips for winning BCs, for those who want to?
Lili53: Just . . . be quiet if the host tells you to, create an original look, and hope the host likes you.
Meluvme29: Thanks for your time!

Then, Lili53 told me her winning face parts so you can see her winning look.

This has been Meluvme29, signing off.


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