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Red Carpet Glamour

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Meet Katie Lavonne.

Now, Katie is what we call an unaccomplished red carpet fashion designer. Her big dream was to design dresses for the red carpet.

As you can imagine, the dress Katie made did not go well with Apple Sliver, the actress who hired Katie, because it was too plain and not eye-catching. She threatened to sue Katie, but decided against it because it might ruin her reputation as the "One Actress Who Never Sues".

Katie decided to travel somewhere else to try and make red carpet dresses people would actually like. She ended up in Whyville. At first Katie was amazed at these perfect people with no pimples, who had nose and lip piercings, even elf ears! Katie then stumbled into an unknown part of Whyville -- The Unknown Whyville. She found one lonely Newbie there that had landed her way there after passing her Chat License test . . . and Mario.

After asking the same question over and over again, Mario gave up and walked off disappearing from Katie and the Newbie's sight.

While Katie blabbed on, the Newbie daydreamed about what it would be like to be famous. Her dreams where soon interrupted by Katie asking her a question.

The Newbie was unable to think. What was her name? Carrie? Taylor? Barbie? Katie expected this Newbie's name to be Pear or Orange. "Susan," the Newbie replied. Katie was shocked.

So they tried to find their way out of the Unknown Whyville to go to a pie place.

Susan ran to the black hole desperate to get out. Katie was careful not to ruin her make-up, hair, clothes or nails, so she took longer to get into the black hole. While spinning around in the black hole they saw a show of flashing lights. Instead of going to a pie place like Susan had hoped they landed at Akbar's Face Mall.

Katie searched and searched through endless stuff. She was surprised at what she found there, while Susan, still wanting pie, just sat there and complained. Finally it was finished -- Susan was pimped out.

Susan tried to believe Katie, but . . . she thought she looked too . . . out there. Susan then wandered off and tried to get away from Katie, but Katie's endless, "Darlin' you look divine!" made her stay around and make a plot to shut her up.

But then Katie gasped. Being interrupted by Katie's gasp, Susan looked to see why Katie gasped. They saw . . .


Author's Note: Ha, well. I hope you enjoyed it. I put my sweat and tears into this comic. I need some Whyvillians to let me use their avatar instead of me making a gazillion accounts to never be touched again, so if you'd like your avatar in this comic post in the BBS or y-mail me. *Note* I'm not responsible for any sore stomachs caused by this comic, or lost tears that came out of your eyes. I'm also not responsible if you laughed out loud and people stared at you weird.


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