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Identical Identity Chapter 2

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How could this be possible? She must be going crazy. Nadia tried pinching herself to snap out of whatever insane dream she was in. She tried every dream-waking trick she knew. Nothing was working. Even more confused than ever, Nadia looked in the bathtub, frightened at what she was seeing. The unconscious person looked much like herself. Her hair was in a strange looking ponytail, and from what she could tell, the identical being wore glasses. The clothes she wore looked strange. They surely weren't the average attire for a teen aged girl. In fact, they actually looked like something a girl fifty years ago would wear! As she looked closer, the glasses that were smashed at the bottom of the tub were pale pink with winged rims. As crazy as it sounded, it looked as if the girl actually was from many decades ago!

Nadia needed to get the body out of the tub before anybody found it. Using as much muscle strength as she was capable of, the girl lifted her identical being out of the tub and on the floor. Nadia looked over the human and couldn't believe what was happening. To complete the 1960's image, she would need her glasses. Nadia stepped into the bathtub to grab the spectacles, but realized something strange was going on - the ground was shaking!

Panicking, Nadia grabbed the edge of the tub and the faucet for support. In the midst of the rumbling, Nadia's foot slipped on the slick bottom of the tub, and she tumbled to the floor. In the midst of her fall, her head bumped against the faucet. Nadia didn't remember anything else.


Sunlight streamed through the window the hotel room. Nadia slowly opened her eyes. She must have had the craziest dream. As she grabbed for the bed sheets, Nadia noticed something; she was in a bathtub. Suddenly she realized it must not of been a dream after all. She sat up instantly and looked at the ground. Her identical being was nowhere to be found. As she looked around the bathroom she noticed something else - not only was the body missing, but the rugs, shower curtain, and other bathroom decorations were replaced with outdated, olive green and flower printed objects.

"Aidan? Where are you?" Her mother's voice was heard faintly from the main part of the hotel room.

"Mom?" Nadia felt confused. Had her mother just called her Aidan?

"I'm right here . . ."

The teenager gazed at her changed surroundings in amazement. Nadia slowly opened the bathroom door and stared bug-eyed at what she saw.

With a frantic look on her face, was her mother. Nadia could hardly recognize the woman with her long skirt and beehive hairdo fixed at the top of her head. Her mother wore coats of makeup and tall heels. Nadia had never once seen her mother in heels.

"Aidan you look like you've seen a ghost. What's been up with you lately?"

"I honestly have no idea."


Deciding she needed to escape from her dinky hotel room, Nadia stepped outside the front doors of the main lobby and knew that something was seriously wrong with her. Everybody around her was wearing the crazy clothes and hairstyles her mother had on. All the modern cars had been replaced with outdated station wagons, and the buildings around her were completely different.

Feeling nauseous, Nadia sat down a bench and tried to let everything sink in. Her mother's weird makeover, the different scenery, and crazy shower incident could only mean one thing. There was no way she was in 2010 anymore.


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