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The Whyville Ghost

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The Whyville Ghost

Times Writer

Hi! Bettyjoe here once again. But this time I'm writing on a bit more of a scary matter.

I swear I saw a ghost.

I was picking my nose (changing it, duh!) and when I was done I went to the Spin Speak. Then I decided it didn't look as good as I thought it would, so I went back to change it again. But half my face parts wouldn't load and they were invisible, I kept losing my cursor and then the destination slot on the bus changed baby blue and big. My own face and body kept popping in and out of the bus.

When I tried to go to City Hall, none of the faces would load and if and when they did a black or sometimes baby blue squares surrounded them. I went to Whyvlle Square and there I saw "the Whyville ghost". No one else was seeing what I saw, but yet I saw it!

First I saw some of the buildings from Sector Y floating in the air near the airplane. Then I saw buildings popping up all over the place. Finally I saw the old stand where the Times building used to be (or at least where I heard it used to be, as I was not on at the time when it was in Whyville Square, but I have read archives about it). It was literally a newspaper stand!

After this, my computer went freaky and I got kicked off. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THIS, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I SAW AND WHAT HAPPENED... or if you have seen the same thing, please contact me. City Hall or Times Editor, if you read this, please tell me what happened! I swear I think it was the ghost of Whyville Past!!!



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