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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Whyville

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As many of you know, Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day. If you were on Whyville, you would have probably seen a lot of green: green clothes, green scions, and lots of green clovers! The clovers were a main part of the day, because if you found one with four leaves, you would become the proud owner of some pearls. Easier said than done, most people just found three-leaf clovers, but there were some lucky people out there who did find a four-leaf clover (they were out there, just not very many!)

Here is an interview with some of Whyville's four-leaf clover hunters.

Ice3211: First off, how was your St. Patrick's Day on Whyville? Did you enjoy it?
banddgeek: Yes, I certainly did. I enjoyed it because it gave me something fun to do with my friends and with strangers (who became my friends in the end).
BrkenCyde: I enjoyed it! I got dressed up all in green, green eyes, hair, hat, mouth, and shirt! I was also happy to see other Whyvillians dressed in green!
Sqeakers1: Yes. It was a fun time to hang out with friends and be able to chat. Plus, who doesn't love looking for four-leaf clovers? I know I do!
Galaxy7: It was pretty awesome, yet the clovers were hard to find. It's neat to see everyone dressed in green as well.
xLooxserx: I sure did! It was great seeing everyone participate in Whyville's St. Patrick's Day celebrations by wearing green on their avatar. It was great fun!

Ice3211: Did any of you find any four-leaf clovers?
banddgeek: No, I did not find any, but it was a blast searching for them.
BrkenCyde: I didn't find any myself, but a good friend of mine found one.
Sqeakers1: Unfortunately, I did not have the skills to find any four leaf clovers.
Galaxy7: Nope, but if regular clovers counted for pearls, I'd have about 1,000,000!
xLooxserx: Nope, but I'm sure the people that found one had fun too!

Ice3211: Should Whyville have another four-leaf clover hunt?
banddgeek: Whyville should DEFINITELY have another four-leaf clover hunt.
BrkenCyde: I think Whyville should. But only on St. Patrick's Day, after all, clovers are a symbol of the Irish!
Sqeakers1: Yes! This was so much fun, and I would really like some free pearls!
Galaxy7: Yeah, that was fun. It's neat how everyone rushes to the clover like it was an FFV.
xLooxserx: Absolutely. Not only is it fun, but entertaining when you're talking to your friends on Whyville too.

Ice3211: Do you think anything should be different in future clover hunts?
banddgeek: I think it's perfect the way it is.
BrkenCyde: Maybe a main room filled with them. And you could only pick them one PER HOUR.
Sqeakers1: I think that maybe they could put more patches up with more four-leaf clovers. Maybe you could join a hunting group with your friends. I'm full of ideas . . .
Galaxy7: Not really. Maybe the population of regular clovers should go down, but the four leafs should remain the same.
xLooxserx: I think that patches of clovers should appear more often.

Ice3211: Overall, did you enjoy searching for four-leaf clovers?
banddgeek: Overall, searching for four-leaf clovers was quite fun and entertaining. I got to search with my friends.
BrkenCyde: I did enjoy searching for them. I found a quiet place where there were not too many people so I could get to the clover patches.
Sqeakers1: Yes, I had a good time. I got to hunt with my friends and race newbies to the patches!
Galaxy7: Sure I did! It was tiring, but still fun.
xLooxserx: Of course! The excitement of knowing that I could have the chance of getting a four-leaf clover made me keep searching.

Ice3211: Thank you banddgeek, BrkenCyde, Sqeakers1, Galaxy7, and xLooxserx for your time and for participating in the interview. It sounds like you all had a good time.

Now time for an interview with someone who did find a four-leaf clover, stELtrain!

Ice3211: You were one of the lucky few to find a four-leaf clover, right?
stELtrain: Yes, One out of 11 accounts.
Ice3211: About how many clover patches did you go through until you found a four-leaf clover?
stELtrain: Probably about 100 . . . Haha.
Ice3211: About how long did you search for?
stELtrain: I was multi-tasking and writing an essay at the same time, so I can't say a solid amount of time, but overall probably 2 hours, maybe even more.
Ice3211: Where did you end up finding the four-leaf clover?
stELtrain: I believe it was at the Climate Center.
Ice3211: How does it feel knowing that you found a four-leaf clover and are getting pearls as an award?
stELtrain: Pretty good, Whyville used to give out a one month WhyPass as an award for finding these things, but it makes sense giving out pearls now that the WhyPass no longer exists.
Ice3211: Did you enjoy your St. Patrick's Day on Whyville?
stELtrain: Yeah, it was a pretty good time.

Congratulations on finding a four-leaf clover, and enjoy your pearls!

Here are some people who got into the spirit of St. Patrick?s Day by wearing green: SpOrTyAx, hailey311 and cass402. Here is what they wore and what they said when I interviewed them.




Ice3211: In your opinion, who had the best St. Patrick's Day themed outfit? What was your favorite part of the outfit?
Hailey311: I would have to say Sqeakers1's outfit. I loved her toast. My favorite thing out of her outfit either had to be the toast head, or the huge, fashionable hat! I loved the sign that said, "Pants on the GROUND" and "LOOKIN' like a FOOL!"
Ice3211: Did you see many other users dressed up for St. Patrick's Day? Was there anybody whose outfit stood out to you that you remember?
Cass402: I saw a few people wearing green. I really liked WaterMel8's outfit, she's actually where I got the idea to dress up for St. Patrick's Day.
Ice3211: Why did you decide to dress up for St. Patrick's Day? Would you like to explain your outfit?
SpOrTyAx: Well, I love being spirited, and I love being 'fashionable with a theme'. My outfit is obviously for St. Patrick's Day. With a green hat, and the belt around it, it represents the leprechauns and the color green. And my shirt is showing that it can also be a casual outfit.

There were also some users celebrating St. Patrick's Day by driving around Whyville in this green scion.

If you missed out on the action, you can see some of it here.



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