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It's Time This is Stopped

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Personally, I am so fed up with the mistreatment of Newbies. I know you've all heard this several times before but I really feel that we all need a good lecture and to read how some of your fellow citizens think about this! It really has to stop.

I see petitions that say things like "Noobs" should be put in separate rooms or that they need to back off. The words they post are so harsh or full of annoyance, as if every single Newbie is a disgusting nuisance.

It's just mean. They're people like us. Sometimes they're the same age, gender, race, and religion. And some people treat them like poo! Do they think just because it's on the computer, just because it's a virtual world they can tease and mistreat people? Wrong. There are people on their computer at home just trying to make friends and figure out what Whyville is all about, and people go and bully them. Their image of Whyville could be shattered by others' name calling and rudeness. Is that the kind of image that we want new citizens of our virtual town to think of when they hear the name Whyville?

What I read in the petitions actually kind of sickened me because it reminded me of little something called segregation. That's what some Whyvillians want here. Segregation. I don't understand. The only difference between them and "us" is that they're new. But I just don't see how this makes a difference. They're Whyvillians, too. Why should they be moved to another room or have a different Style Studio than the rest? They deserve everything any other citizen gets. I'm not saying they should automatically get clothes and a Scion and let into the Bee Hive because all of that, you work hard for and stay on Whyville long for. I'm saying that they don't need to be put in another room away from us because they just joined and don't have enough clams and wear "Newb clothes."

Another reason Whyvillians might treat Newbies the way they do is because they're annoying. I totally get that. But other citizens are annoying, too, not just Newbies! And not all Newbies are annoying pests. It all depends on the person. Some Newbies are annoying, I admit it. But please don't be mean to a nice person just because they're a Newbie. Please. You could hurt his or her feelings. Once you get to know a person, then judge them. As I've said many times before, just because they're new, doesn't mean they're way different than the rest of us.

I also hear sometimes that people pick on Newbies because they're bored. You shouldn't pick on anyone, whether it be a Newbie, Oldbie, or "Middlebie" just because you are bored. There are tons of things to do on Whyville when someone is bored that will actually get them somewhere, unlike his or her cyber-bullying. And hey, here's an idea, invite the Newbie to go play a game or two with you. It's a win/win situation.

Now that you've heard all of my opinions, I want you to hear from other Whyvillians, old, new, and anywhere in between.

fairypup2: What do you think in general about how Whyville Newbies are being treated?
Ninaidi: Well I think how new Whyvillians are treated is unfair. They are simply people who have just joined the site, or people who do not have enough money to buy clothes.
BrknCyde: I think it's very unfair the way people are judging them!
Mylo9810: I don't think they're being fairly treated at all. I mean, being teased and shooed away like that? We were all Newbies once, and I believe that you should be considerate and friendly to them.

fairypup2: As a Newbie, were you ever teased or mistreated? How did you feel about being treated that way?
Ninaidi: Well yes, as a Newbie I was teased by other Whyvillians. As a matter of fact some still call me a Newbie for the way I look. It is rather annoying actually to have to put up with that when you simply just want to talk to someone and they just start teasing you for being new.
BrkenCyde: I was never teased as a Newbie because I took a stand and made friends! It seems as I keep playing, I'm being called a Newbie and teased.
Mylo9810: Yes, I did; I remember having a wolf head face part, and everyone was so mean and sneered at me and stuff. Those few people who were really nice, I appreciated.

fairypup2: Have you seen a Newbie being treated in a mean way? Did you help them? How?
Ninaidi: As a matter of fact, yes I have seen Newbies being mistreated and I will go and get rid of the oppressors and I will offer the Newbie some help, ask if he/she has any questions and often start y-mailing them.
BrkenCyde: One of my best friends today was looking like a Newbie, she was teased A LOT! I helped her by telling people to stop and I gave her extra face parts I had.
Mylo9810: Yes; in fact, I have. A few times I haven't, but generally, I do. I merely stand up for them and tell the teaser to shut up or something. Then I sometimes even become friends with the Newbie or give them clams.

fairypup2: In the past, have you ever treated a Newbie in a mean way? Have you changed your ways?
Ninaidi: I will admit I have teased Newbies a few times. But I realized that I needed to be kind to others.
BrkenCyde: I will be honest. Yes, I have treated a Newbie in a mean way. I realized how hard it must be for them and I stopped.
Mylo9810: Yes, unfortunately. I don't know why. I was about a year old on Whyville, and I guess I just wanted to fit in or something, you know? But I think Newbies want to fit in and be friends with people, too. After thinking about the situation, yes, I have changed since then.

So Whyvillians, do your part. Make Whyville a friendly place for new faces or anyone for that matter. Sometimes little things like complimenting a person can make someone's day. Go for it.

Hoping you all take this into consideration,


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