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You Decide: Ke$ha

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You've most likely heard her songs on the radio or maybe you saw her live performance on "American Idol". I'm talking about Ke$ha. Her popularity is spreading like a wild fire among us. But, just like pretty much everything in this world, there are still some people that don't like her.

What about us Whyvillians? What's the most popular opinion? Is Ke$ha a yes or a no? To find out, I interviewed five citizens. Here's what they had to say about this new pop sensation.

Seabolt: Do you like Ke$ha?
Luvlola: YES.
Kmg333: Yes, I do.
Jaiden11: Kind of.
Nerdlovr1: No.
Ghrfan500: Yea.

Seabolt: What do you like/dislike most about her?
Luvlola: She sings really well and has good songs.
Kmg333: I like her song "Blah Blah Blah".
Jaiden11: I dislike her topics, a little.
Nerdlovr1: I dislike her in general, like her attitude and stuff.
Ghrfan500: Her music, because it's good.

Seabolt: Do you think Ke$ha is appropriate for all ages? If not, what age group?
Luvlola: Well no, I think twelve and up.
Kmg333: No, I think she's appropriate for ages 13 and up.
Jaiden11: I think she's appropriate.
Nerdlovr1: Um, no. Not any age group, she shouldn't even be allowed.
Ghrfan500: No, and I don't know, 14+.

Seabolt: If you could change one thing about her, what would it be?
Luvlola: Nothing, really.
Kmg333: Hm . . . her style; it's too trashy and not so original.
Jaiden11: She could mix her topics with random things about life.
Nerdlovr1: The way she treats the people around her. Be equally nice, you know?
Ghrfan500: How she acts.

Seabolt: Do you think you'll buy her CD?
Luvlola: Well, I don't know.
Kmg333: No, because I just put all her songs on my iPod.
Jaiden11: Probably not.
Nerdlovr1: No.
Ghrfan500: I have it.

Seabolt: Do you think her popularity will last long?
Luvlola: Kind of, if she does something that will.
Kmg333: If she keeps doing good music, then yes.
Jaiden11: It will probably last a year or a couple of months.
Nerdlovr1: No way.
Ghrfan500: Yes, I think.

Seabolt: Use one word to describe her.
Luvlola: Young.
Kmg333: Amazing.
Jaiden11: Smart.
Nerdlovr1: Lame.
Ghrfan500: Funny.

Seabolt: What's your overall opinion of Ke$ha?
Luvlola: Out there.
Kmg333: That she needs to tone down her style and focus on her music.
Jaiden11: I think she's a good person and should mix up her music a little.
Nerdlovr1: I don't like her music, and I don't like her as a person, to be honest.
Ghrfan500: Good, I guess.

Seabolt: Any last thoughts on her?
Luvlola: No.
Kmg333: I think she is a good artist, because she became famous so fast.
Jaiden11: Nah, I'm good.
Nerdlovr1: No.
Ghrfan500: Nope.

There it is readers! Seems like Ke$ha is more a yes, than no, with only one person not liking her. I, personally, don't like any of her music, and think you should be at least 14 to listen to her songs. Considering that most of them are about mature topics, such as drinking, partying, etc.

What about you? What's your opinion? You decide!



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